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Cars closed [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by chargingcar, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    F1 2015 Williams FW37 - Formula Corsa - Williams FW37

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  2. Should be forced comments with ratings , that,s why I would rather not bother to take my time to upload content , because the haters just leave stupid 1 star ratings with no comments , which in return comments at least help you to further the progress of content .
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  3. this is the first car my mother drove around silverstone without crashing therefore it is the best car ever so CC and team you guys rule go buy some cheesecake to celebrate.
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  4. Wow, just have seen what you're working on, can't wait!

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  5. I personally always appreciate the effort of all models....good or bad.
    Remember....nobody is obligated to share anything with anyone.

    Yours, CC are always good...so thanks.
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  6. I don`t know the exact behavior of the F1 from 2015, but if this is it, they drive like crap - the worst ever in the history - what a shame. If this mod is a replicate of real formula 1 2015, then this mod is fantastic. But again, what a crap has real formula 1 become.
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  7. I also hate this driving-feeling, but that's not in the power of the modder. The mod itself is very awesome, just the real F1 is crap.
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  8. I doubt that this mod is an exact replica of the real f1. Just watch this video:

    Here is the Montreal track and try for your self.
    Gearing is surely not correct (its true that this is a Mercedes, but as far as I know all cars use same gearbox). And handling is a bit different too.
    I have no doubt the authors will fix all to replicate the exact f1 2015.
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  9. The gearbox has nothing to do with it , its just shell all the teams use different gear cogs try the mercedes http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...a-fc1-2015-williams-fw37-1-0a-released.11921/

    But we have made the ratios fixed like in F1 just has in reality so no option to actually change them yourself , but to create a F1 car to be 100% realistic you would have to rewrite the entire physics files to each track which would take years , we create content to be drivable on all tracks not just the 1 .
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  10. Will now try the Mercedes as proposed from yourself.
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  12. Is it just me or do the 2015 cars seem to be governed way down in power compared to say..2010 or 12 ? They just don't seem to have that F1 scream that sends tingles down your spine like they used to.
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  13. Seriously ? No gear changes in real F1 this year. That's like saying no one can change the wing angles; what's up with F1 lately ? Seems like the sport is losing it's nut sack with too many regulations.
  14. Not 100% sure I know its very limited , last I recall I think it was 2-3 raitios for the entire season but I maybe be wrong , ill have to check again .
  15. in the last season all teams had a "joker" and could change it one time in the season. this year not, so it is correctly that you can't change the gear ratio.
  16. Thought so , think it was last year where you had a few raitio for the cars , a lot of people keep asking regarding it , but would take a lot away i think by making them customized
  17. Is it normal to spin in 4th gear coming out of the pit straights? I'm only applying like 30% throttle. Maybe my G27 setup is incorrect?
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  18. Theres a big update coming today for the FW37 and will also be uploading our W06 both have fully finished physics and loads of other updates textures ect , we should have maybe waited another 2 weeks :)
  19. I have 2 issues :
    1. LEds on steering wheel in game comes much eariler then on my steering
    2. DRS isnt opened for some reason

    do someone here have a good set for Austria ?
  20. My fanatec CSW carbon wheel , leds not come on same time 90% of the cars I play , I have fanaleds not sure if you can change the rpm led time never looked , but carnt see any point in playing a simulation game with both to be honest .

    The DRS works just fine ingame but ill double check again .
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