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Apps Clock 1.0

Clock, Hour, 24h, Assetto, Corsa, AC, App, Application

  1. Wamk9 submitted a new resource:

    Clock - Clock, Hour, 24h, Assetto, Corsa, AC, App, Application

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  2. man, thats the best app! Missing it from other sims and tired of workarounds. Big up!
  3. Thank you, really I was already tired of it and also took the liberty of creating the app
  4. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Thanks Wamk9 ... even though this is a very simple detail ... it's a very interesting one if you don't have a clock near you or don't wish to .... Alt-Tab ! :D

    So marvelous idea for simply thinking of it ! :thumbsup:
    As server admin, I really need a clock just to know when I have to launch .... the race server. ;)

    NB: next step: add an alarm ? idea for you or others who should need it maybe.
  5. Thanks Jean! Its a good idea, I'm very new on python language, mostly in the form which is crafted in the AC, but maybe I do it
  6. needed to change this line or the clock was offset to the left

    ac.setPosition(l_lapcount, 100, 15)

    for some odd reasen the centering command did not work maybe because of the set window size? not matching with the background? iam not sure
  7. Where and how did you change this line to get the clock centered again ?
    EDIT : just found ! For people who wonder just open with text the "hourApp.py" file located in