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Clo and Malaysia updates on FB

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Randy Chamberlin, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. tjc


    Sweet. :)
  2. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    OK, so how do we unbind the original clio and Malaysia from their current mods to install these? the originals don't have an update option.
  3. untill they release the other components you can go uninstall a lot of ISI mods just to get the new track version of malasia in all layouts. In the meanwhile it's easier to use vmods people created so you don't have uninstall anything,
  4. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    It's all a bit messy.
  5. The track you can exchange. The Clio is an update to original.
  6. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Yes but it's bound to the tracks in the original. You can't install over as you end up with 2 of every car. So in the end I had to uninstall all the related content bound to Clio v1.00 so I could uninstall it, install v1.42 then install the other content again. Shouldn't be that way, very messy and almost amateur! We should be able to update the previous version as with previous cars and tracks downloaded from them.
  7. They just wanted to give us something with easter, if it wasn't for that they probably would not have released it yet untill the other components were ready:)

    I forgive them;)
  8. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    A headack, thats what they are giving again....

    They simply release all the files, and again give no instrucions. Why? Because they say it's better to NOT tell to all, and ONLY tell to those who have "great knowledge" how to get it cleaned up and sorted out...

    They are really making it so hard to defend the new mod system.....

    I haven't tested it, but with the install of the clio update, will it leave the previous version around? I hope so, otherwise there will be a lot of problems during coming club races, and the RDWSR.
    But then again, as ISI doesn't give a damn about the people playing the game, I trust this was a well judged choice to release it....

    So sad that they release something "just because the rest gives easter presents (R3E and PCARS). They have nothing to releases, so they release this.

    I am really getting more and more disapointed with ISI. Such a shame, as the product is so good.

    Instead of putting resources on Malaysia, I am sure the community would have rather had those resources working on Silverstone, and have that for Eastern :).
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  9. I did not consider the fact the troubles hosting races it would give. This is only a temporary issue with the mod system, because they are transferring to individual components the way I see it. they could inform a bit more instead of strusting on the community to give most of the answers, but in the last year you do see them communicate a little bit more but I can understand if people think it's to little, and than the experience chances ofcourse that they don't care. I don't have that experience, but I can understand people get the impression they don't, a lot of people have that impression. In my view they do care, it would be strange because afterall they wan't to earn money from their costumers, but the way of communication gives the impression for a lot of people they don't. Just my view on it.

    You don't need to delete the older Malaysia, people can leave it in place. the lay-outs remain the 1.2 version of Malaysia, and only the new lay-out is the updated version.
    With vmods people can play all layouts in the new version.
    some people choose to delete a couple of Isi mods, but they just need to re-install it if they want to participate with the clubraces and RDWSR. (I have no idea about hosting races but I think it's no problem)
  10. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Marco Bijl no mate, you end up with 2 identical cars for each number :(
    You have to remove v1.0 to get v1.42 to stand alone. I think removing v1.0 (you have to unbind it from other mods 1st) removes certain tracks too! Very messy.
  11. ohw ok, i have no knowledge of that. I was only talking about the tracks, did not consider the cars. Have not seen any post about it yet on the ISI forums also

    BTW not sure, but is the solution not very simple for this problem, ask the people who want to participate to uninstall the new clio mod? ok i have to admit it;s a bit messy from them.
  12. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    In previous micro updates (previous mod manager) you could put file in the packages folder and right click on the previous version in mod manager and select update. No such option with this one. I had to uninstall all Clio v1.0 attached mods before removing it, install v1.42 then install the mods again. I can see the brown stuff hitting the fan if this is how future releases are going to happen. If we were under the restrictions of a BETA release then I'd say "fair enough" but apparently we're not. This update is very much like you'd expect from something that is pre beta. Poor show.

    Yes the track was easy to install if you want 2 Malaysia circuits but again, try removing the previous version(because I don't want 2) same problems apply.
  13. ok, well I dont have that sort of problem, probably because I did not remove anything. Just installed the 2 updates and no problem de-installing.

    I was lucky to have a slow download so I could read all the test and trial and ended up not deleting anything. If the download was faster I probably would have done what you did. This was the part where the communication was lacking, but they already sort of admitted they are also not happy how this went.

    I don't expect it to be a problem for the future, the troubles it gives now because a lot of mods are all related to each other, at the moment everything will be the seperate components this specific trouble would not happen again.
  14. It isn't a poor show, it's simply realeasing components. Everybody was screaming for this!

    And if they release them it means they have at least to update them. It has to happen and sooner is better than later. Only when all components are released as standalone components we will see the benefits of this mod system. Online racing is going to be much easier too.
    IMO they should update all and release all the old components as standalone components as soon as they can.

    Nothing wrong with this release, this is the right direction so we can get rid of the rfmods.

    Clio and Malaysia have a nice update by the way. Clio looks really good now and Malaysia got some new textures. Good stuff!
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  15. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Yes when they are ALL stand alone it will be great because they won't be bound (apart from RD mods) but they are at the moment and maybe I'm savvy enough to work things out but not everyone will be and they will get their installation in a mess.
  16. Well ive got no clio cup at all now after messing around for a while and havent got the original rfcmp file :| fail by me
  17. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I can e
    email it to you if you like? Send me a message with your address.
  18. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Although you are right in essence, the fact remains that they are not instructing, or telling that this is what it is for.

    To me, the sollution is freaking simple. Release all tracks and cars present now, as seperate components, without any updates. Preferebly, do this when a new general update (new build) is released.

    Do not release an updater, but release the full installer for the build only. This forces everyone to do a fresh install.
    Then supply all the components, and you have your benefits indeed.Everyone can choose what to install.....

    Now, they are just messing it up more. People are running away, because the mod system makes it so hard. With this, and the way you need to remove things and components and mods, it is not getting more easy, so the guys who are no computer geniusses, but just want to race, are again being frustrated more.....

    It's the timing, and the way they do it that I do not like.
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