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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

EU Premium Clio Cup vs. DTM @ Hockenheim - Tuesday November 10, 2015

Discussion in 'Project CARS Racing Club' started by Dennis, Nov 4, 2015.

Added to Calendar: 10-11-15
  1. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Close front wheel drive racing car action meets the pinnacle of European touring cars! Today we will be simulating a race weekend, starting with a Clio Cup sprint race and finishing it off with a second sprint race at the same location - but this time using modern DTM cars.

    All premium members can sign up for this event and we have unlimited slots available so make sure to bring a friend. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge!

    Join us
    Not a premium member yet but interested to race with our group of friendly drivers? Click here for more information and learn how you can participate as well. See you on track?!

    Server Name: RaceDepartment.com Club
    Server and Teamspeak Password: click here
    Racing Club Rules: click here

    Renault Clio Cup, Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM (DLC not required)
    Track: Hockenheim National/GP
    Driving Aids: Realistic

    Race 1
    Car: Renault Clio Cup
    Track: Hockenheim National
    Practice: 19:00 GMT (45 minutes)
    Qualifying: 19:45 GMT (10 minutes)
    Warm-Up: 19:55 GMT (5 minutes)
    Race: 20:00 GMT (10 laps)

    Race 2
    Car: Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM
    Track: Hockenheim GP
    Qualifying: 20:15 GMT (10 minutes)
    Warm-Up: 20:25 GMT (5 minutes)
    Race: 20:30 GMT (10 laps)

    Note: You do not need to own the Limited Edition DLC in order to participate. It is possible to race cars and tracks that you don't own online!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2015
  2. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Entry List
    1. Dennis
    2. Mathias Nielsen
    3. Dan Allen
    4. DrKruntz
    5. John Grant
    6. Dexter
    7. FernLop
    8. Magic43
    9. Free slot
    10. Free slot
    11. Free slot
    12. Free slot
    13. Free slot
    14. Free slot
    15. Free slot
    16. Free slot
    17. Free slot
    18. Free slot
    19. Free slot
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2015
  3. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Win a prize and make a friend happy!

    We'll do a sweepstakes among the finishing drivers and one lucky member will win a premium membership for free that he or she can gift to a non premium friend/member that wishes to race with us.

    @Andy Jackson
    @Dan Allen
    @Flying Kefran
    @Jeffrey van Lith
    @Kurupt CDN
    @Kyriakos Mayromaras
    @Luis Ferreira
    @Mathias Nielsen
    @Ricardo Edelmann
    @Tommi Saari
    @Vaughn Stegeman
    @John Grant
    @Brendan Coyle
  4. Mathias Nielsen

    Mathias Nielsen

    count me in :D
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  5. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    I *think* I can make this, put me down provisionally :D Will try and make it
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  6. What are exactly the server rules? Is 3rd cam aloud? Only default setup? Etc.
  7. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    Are the two races on the full Hockenheim GP layout ?
  8. DrKruntz


    Hi... sign me in for the double race :thumbsup:
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  9. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Clios @ National and DTM @ GP (updated the first post).

    Anything not mentioned in the thread is kept at default/not restricted.

    Here is what the config looks like if you are curious:
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2015
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  10. Is it possible to race with default setup, it's the most fair?
    Damage ALL? So you have to drive carefully?
    and last but not least Cockpit view only?
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  11. Mathias Nielsen

    Mathias Nielsen

    Default setup sucks big ass, since its locks fuel and tires. in other words you dont know what you gonna get.
    Damage all? you nuts? this game got so many bugs with its damage system..
    And what is the big deal with 3rd person cams now?

    PS. Setup doenst make you faster if you dont know how to use it.
    I use default most of the time with some tweaks to it. I'll be happy to share it with anyone who wants it.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2015
  12. Seriously? Only arcade kids would use 3rd person view because it sucks big ass. If I had my way it would Cockpit view only (I use helmet cam myself). And if damage was working I'd have that too. And I would prefer fixed setups too. This is not league racing.
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  13. Mathias Nielsen

    Mathias Nielsen

    we tried fixed setup in the rain, thats went really dam great with a 100% difflock in a clio >.< Like come on guys lets people change what they want. ITS NOT LEAGUE RACING.
  14. Same for everyone though. Fair all round. Some people don't mess with the setups because they don't understand them. It's not win at all costs in the club, its about having fun.
  15. Andy, please. This is casual club racing. If you really want hardcore racing you can start your own league. I'm not the one making the decisions here, but I'm pretty sure Dennis started this to attract more players and for the fun of it. He's trying to cater to more people by making it relaxed and casual. You can drive the way you want, that's fine by me, just remember that there has to be room for everyone. This is the beginning of the online league/racing scene for this game so we want lots of people playing it, not just a select few who prefer helmet view over anything else.

    I really see no point in having that many restrictions. We're all playing the same game, and if anything driving in 3rd person makes you slower. Also, as Mathias Nielsen said, having fixed setups would be a really bad idea, for the sole reason that we could end up with some really bad combos. I don't know about you, but I don't want to drive that Clio with locked diff in the rain ever again.
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  16. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    As soon as SMS fixes this game breaking bug (which has been around since release!) we can race with damage enabled.

    All views are allowed on club races at RaceDepartment. As @Korsbaek has said it's about attracting people and getting big grids.
    Also the kind of display that you are using has a big impact on what views are acceptable for you, which is why forcing a certain view would not necessarily level the playing field.

    Since there will be no rain this might indeed be an option (especially for the DTM car). Has anyone verified that default fuel will last the entire race?
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  17. Flying Kefran

    Flying Kefran
    From Gran Turismo to pCars

    Sign me in please !

    I am not a big fan of default set-up in general and even more in Project Cars, mainly because part of the wheel and FFB adjustments are considered car set-up. But I will join anyway. :)
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  18. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Didn't know that. I guess that settles it then :D
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  19. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way

    Sign me UP pls and stop the squabbling about **** ???? Just race
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  20. Anthemius


    Thanks for tagging me @Dennis, unfortunately my G27 is faulty (looses centering) and driving with it is impossible. I will not be able to participate, until it is fixed or replaced. Not expected soon though... :(
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