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Clio Cup Slovenia 2008

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Matthew Parr, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Id seen this mod a few times in screen shots and i love the British series! So i decided to search 'Clio Cup 2008 Mod for rfactor' and i found this. Go to this Renault Clio Cup Slovenia 2008 - Released VirtualR - Sim Racing News to get it! Ok so there are a few problems like all the cars look the same but i quite like it and had some good tyical clio racing around Brands Hatch indy!

    So i suggest youdownload and enjoy :) :amen:
  2. Very nice ! I hope it brings something new to the allready overplayed Clio cup on RFC.
  3. u know Brasilian Formula Renault with SuperClio?
  4. Not really ,own creation ?
  5. nice,nice,nice
    Really realistic, thanks to the editors of the mode
  6. cool
  7. Nice mod, seems to be starting to finally getting some online action with a handful of servers.
  8. i prefer the super clio mod, car more powerfull and great physics...

    this mod is good too, but not so good as the super clio.
    just my opinion, try both and see for your self.

    best regards.
  9. i am going to try it
  10. Nice mod

    Nice mod

    WHERE CAN I GET IT??:hug-right: