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Classic Grand Prix season

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by JDE, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. JDE


    Being that it's the off season, and because I just got 2013 (pc), I've decided to attempt a classic season from 1986.

    In theory, I'm very glad they added this feature, as it allows for more game depth. Unfortunately, here is what I've found thus far (unless I'm missing something, which is most certainly possible)...

    In Brazil(the first race in 86), I had to start the season over numerous times due to complete dominance. Each time I reset the season, I had to reselect and reorder tracks. It would be nice to allow the user to switch difficulty in menus during each session

    Finally when I moved up to Legend, I didn't dominate and finished 2nd. Great! Now onto the 2nd race in Jerez, and it's a given I'm not as knowledgeable about this track. I'm unable to get close to their qualifying times. (again, it would be nice to tune the difficulty but that can only be done at the start of the season!)

    It would also be nice to change the setup of the vehicle, but I'm only able to change the front wing on race day or use quick setup during qualifying. In time trial, I believe I can do a complete setup in classic mode.

    It would also be nice to choose a longer weekend to at least include practice.

    It doesn't appear that you can change pit strategies either?

    I understand the priority is toward the modern cars, but it seems as though they left it a bit light on options.

    I'd love to hear other classic racers thoughts or corrections on this.
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  2. Salut Gilles

    Salut Gilles

    I just downloaded the DLC at 40% bargain (cheaper). Then I had a look at what it offers and tried a 100% race in Jean Alesis (sp?) Ferrari at Imola (12 cars).

    First impression? Sucks. Maybe I already regret my purchase... but I'll see later.
  3. Bong


    Until you mentioned classic season I had no idea you could add tracks in the classic F1 Grand Prix section.

    Thanks JDE, this will be my new favourite game.
  4. JDE


    Oh, I agree Bong. It's a fantastic feature, especially along with some of the skins & other mods for the classic cars. You can add both classic and tracks from the 2013 season which has enough from the 80'
    s to get near most complete seasons! I very much hope that Codemasters will expand on this in the future and at least add the ability to change AI difficulty from race to race in an upcoming patch!