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Class package upgrade, and some AI Q's

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by paul280981, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering what the result is when you start changing the Class Upgrades on the different cars. For example, on the Team Vodafone cars under "Class Packages", it has Windcup and Lowndes. At the moment I haven't selected any for the AI.

    Also with the "Engine Development". At the moment it is at the default T8 race engine. What would happen if I selected Craig Lowndes for example? Same as the FPV Racing for Ford. I can select the standard engine, or one of either M. Winterbottom or S. Richards.

    So if I purchased the vehicals, selected a different class package and engine option, left it as an AI controlled car, would anything be different?

    With the AI cars, I believe that you have managed to allow them to wear out their tyres as well?

    Hope this makes sense!

    Thanks guys!
  2. In simple terms, the class packages in the mod simulate a power downgrade based on the engine development of the team, and the ability of the engineer and driver to get the most out of the engine (considering they are all pretty much exact running gear). This is used by the AI for their power/speed.

    As far as the AI go, you don't control them, the configuration in the files does, so changing the package, and leaving the car won't help.

    Also, the AI config will only work whilst in game mode. If you skip to the end (of qualify for example), the AI simulate their times without this configuration.

    Hope this makes sense..

  3. Hey guys
    Here's a complicated question for ya

    If a engineer and driver have a good weekend (ie AD'b/GM at SP in 2010) for that track in the game will they have a good performance or will it be a season average? so hover mid pack?

    Cheers AJ
  4. Thanks for your help. So basically not much will happen?

    I've played around with some of the setting from the game:

    Mechanical Failures: I've found that retiring and advancing time, no AI cars were having engine problems. I race for 50 laps on each track. I checked the game data file in the Vehicles folder, then the V8_SC_E85_Engine file. I edited the following scripts:

    LifetimeAvg=54000 // average lifetime in seconds
    LifetimeVar=5000 // lifetime random variance

    Changed to:

    LifetimeAvg=15000 // average lifetime in seconds
    LifetimeVar=15000 // lifetime random variance

    I found this a bit much, as I was getting quite a few cars breaking down. Any ideas on a good setting so I maybe get 3-4 cars failing each race?

    The other things I've played around with have been the "AI Limiter" and "AI Mistakes" in one of my player files. I found that if you set the mistakes to "1", the computer will make more errors. I've set it to "0.80" for now.

    The limiter I did set to "1", but found the field was spread out too much, so I'll leave it at 0.

    If anyone else has played around with these settings and got good results, please let me know.



    Oh, and Pit lane is a mess. Cars crash into each other and are constantly getting damaged. Can this be stopped, or is it more of a rFactor game issue that effects most MODS with a large number of cars?
  5. It will work from the season average (the AI config more precisely). I haven't evperimented for each specific track, because basically that would mean an update to the tracks for every year, every event, every track and for every driver.

    I know ISI did it in F1C, but that was replicating 1 series and each track was for 1 year. I'd say it is possible when you consider rF is now 6 years old, and there is stuff coming out now from many developers that has been in there this whole time, but never touched on.
  6. MarcG

    Premium Member

    Just a quick Q, when having a random race what tires with the AI use?
  7. If there is no locked out tyre type (used to replicate the real tracks in the series) then they will use the intermediate/control tyres. The way you can tell what you are racing against is whatever the tyre option is in the garage initially, will be the AI default.
  8. MarcG

    Premium Member

    excellent thanks