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Civic World Series S2

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Chris Bell, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Right guys is there any intrest in a 2nd Civic series or one with similar setup just different cars???
  2. As long as it isn't on Wednesday night I'll be up for it. Why not try something like SEAT Leons or Mini's?
  3. Them Seat Lean Supercup racecar thinggy's would be Ace!!

    I'd be well up for it, especially as the tunes are locked so its just turn up and floor it! lol
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  4. Yeah the SuperCups would be wicked!
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  5. I Vote supercups!
  6. wouldnt this be too similar to the planned scirocco cup?
  7. possibly, but it depends on whether it takes off, as it is only a test event at this point..

    guess we will know more nearer the time :)
  8. Definitly in for a season 2. If it's in civic's definitly in.
    If it's with the seat also good for me. :)
  9. Not sure if this is still going to happen or not, but I'd definately be up for a one make series.

    I'd favour a Mini John Cooper Works series but would be happy with the Seats or Hondas.
  10. We need something!
  11. Yeah I agree Wayne. It'd be great to have another series running again. Might help get some more racers on board too.
  12. We have Civics, Seats and Sciroccos ready to roll. Anyone fancy testing a Mini (non-dlc) for a series?
  13. Well you know I'm going to say yes Wayne lol.
  14. Magic! I've always fancied a series with them. I can't tune for toffee all I can do is put parts on! When you're done stick it in garage and we can give it a testing.
  15. What PI are you thinking of running the Minis at Wayne? I can't tune for shite either but I usually get a base tune from a tuning calculator mate.
  16. B or A? I've just done one of each and put in garage. The B isn't full PI for class, maybe a little underpowered. The A is at 600 and a bit of a beast but more of a challenge for it!
  17. Cool, I'll be on forza over the weekend so I'll have a play around with them on a couple of tracks :)
  18. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    So many cars (almost 1000)... Sorry guys, I have a huge need of variety. ;)
  19. Is that no to CWS 2 or MInis or botth? Lol.

    What about the classics series you mentioned before Paulo? We are just trying to get something that more people join in.
  20. Paulo has repeatedly stated his preference for a series where we drive a different car every week whereas other people have stated their preference for running a series with as little variation as possible. Just different people looking for different things. Good luck trying to sort something that makes everybody happy... you'd be an absolute magician to pull that off!