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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

Civic World Series S1

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Chris Bell, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Feel free to chat here!!!!
  2. Did you see Eastenders last night! ............. ;)
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  3. No but the missus did, I was busy on Forza as usual! I did watch Celebrity Big Brother though lol.
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  4. Is the totty as good as everybody makes out???
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  5. Out of curiosity, are we expecting a sub-forum for the Sports Car Championship?
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  6. I hope so mate
  7. Did a few test runs today at tsukuba and went from 1.03.832 down to a 1.02.887 on a clean lap.
    That was after including a second setting that i'm changing in tuning (camber).
    So here's the challenge :) who's the first one that gets under the minute barrier? :D
  8. It will definitely be an Exige getting under a minute. I'm gettin around 1:00.5 in the NSX but it's really not happy with short tight tracks. My LB time in the Exige is 58.9 ranked 280ish.
  9. My Evora is hitting 1:01's and I think I can keep that fairly consistent. I tried the exige I have and beat that time in just a few laps.It's a LB car for a reason.

    I have tried upping the Evora by fitting wider sports instead of race tyres, in order to allow more engine oomph, but found that it just loses too much grip and time with the poorer tyre.

    Going to be an interesting race. Tight track, all about the bends rather than speed for a change.

    A good selection of cars for this competition but I am certainly glad I made a last minute change from Panoz to L Evora. It's a car I can concentrate on racing in, instead of just keeping on the track.
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  10. I've not lapped yet but ive made some posative setup changes and moved some upgrades around and that's got my Suzuka time down by over a second with more time there, that's without really fine tuning so I'm hoping with a decent base tune I can get some good times in.
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  11. got my nsx down to a 1.01 now, i know thers a couple more tenths aswell. going to try and tweek the tune a bit more but seems like we should have another good race behind the exige's
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  12. ???

    Time for some more meds i think ...

    Haven't clicked but is that a dodgy hyperlink??
  13. Have you put this in the right thread???
  14. motegi is going to be fun, quite a demanding track with some tricky mid speed techincal corners. some practice required i think :)
  15. Yer im really looking forward to the final stage of our Aisa tour!! Will test later this week to check lap times and see if it warrants an extension!!!
  16. 2:10's before tweaking.
  17. 2:07.950 first clean lap
  18. B*******cks! ;)
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  19. 20 should be ok then
  20. Pits stop for this one Chris yeah?