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Skins Citroën Racing F1 Team 1.0

fantasy team package by arvaimate00

  1. arvaimate00 submitted a new resource:

    Citroën Racing Formula One Team - new skin + team name change

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  2. hey, nice skin. I personally dont have any problem with the hexes on the engine cover, but they may trigger trypophobia for some people. I always try to avoid designing small circles gathered together because of that, just an advice:)
  3. Hey, thanks! I just tried to redesign the regular renault skin, but if that's a problem for somebody than I can release the hexes:)
  4. Hey bro, I love your skins! :inlove: And I hope you keep up the good work!

    I have a request: Could u try a Toyota Skin pls? :)
  5. Hey dude, thank you!;) Sure, a Toyota skin is also in my plans:p
  6. Can you erp the file ?? i cant use the skin right now
  7. ERP Archiver is what you need! ;)