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Misc Circuits Package F1 1997 Season (FINAL MOD) 1.1

Circuits for F1 2012 (MOD 1997)

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  1. how can i get the old cars and micheal schuhmacher in ferrari
  2. SEARCH for mod F1 1997
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  3. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    You are funny, @Schifty031 you have still not reuploaded your cars. The old downloads do not exist anymore, if you still didn't notice.
  4. Hi Chianamik, how are you?

    This mod when applied, altering only the advertising boards on the slopes or also includes the old circuits?

    Thanks, regards
  5. hello!....only spnsor .....sorry
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  6. Thanks chap,:thumbsup:
  7. Cant run the new tracks, it is only loading endless
  9. I did that, but i was not sure wether i should replace or integrate the downloaded folders with / in the originals.
  10. replace!!!!!!
  11. copy and paste....simply
  12. thanks, i'll try...