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Circuits mods for F1 2010?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by sparkos, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Hi, has anybody made a mod for the game circuits?
    for instance: Old Hockenheim instead of new Hockenheim, Old Monza track instead of the new with chicanes, Old Interlagos circuit instead of the now

    or simply make a mod for Old Tracks that can replace some of the existing boring ones, as we already do with the teams?
  2. I think the most you can do with tracks is change the textures on the existing track - things like the billboard adverts.

    Would involve a lot of coding to change track layouts, and im not sure anyone has opened up the code as yet.
  3. Yes we have and no we can't do it we already tried :D lol We cannot import anything other than textures & code into the game at the moment, object's like car's and track's no good we cannot do it. However it is not impossible we feel and still hoping that someone out there will come along with the relevant knowledge to add to our's so we can :D
  4. I guess I am an odd ball on this subject, but I like exactly what I have. I purchased this just for the exact reason it was released, and that is it is the 2010 season. If I want to race on different circuits, with different year F1 cars, I will use my rFactor or my GTR2.
  5. It is the way of the modder TR6speed. Give a modder a perfect game and he/she will change it it's in our nature, think of pringle's once you pop you can't stop :D