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Tracks Circuit of the Americas Track Update HD 2.0

Circuit of the Americas , In Stunning HD Including all Tarmac & Sponsors!!!

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  1. Beautiful work as always, you never disappoint. I do have a question. When I watched your replay vid I noticed a warm sunny hue reflecting off the track. I don't have it in my version.Is it your video card settings? In closing, I want to thank you for all your stellar work. Sincerely Dean A
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
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  2. You can disregard the question. I just figured it out.
  3. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin
    xSRx FullBoost

    Fantastic job. Thanks!!
  4. cool and awesome btw how many fps was in video while recording xD?
  5. with,, mediafire please
  6. Thank you!
  7. Thank you ! Great track as always ! ;):thumbsup:
  8. thanks, well :cool:done.