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Circuit Information and other silly things

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Andre_1th, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. How , where to change the circuit info ?

    Another silly issue: How to change the fuel consumption for cars? I mean, seen it before at some tracks, at <STRONG>my track</STRONG> fuel consumption is&nbsp;way too big. Set fuel for 10 laps race, after 4 laps or so fuel is gone.....

    Another silly issue: Did set in rFactor AI strength at max, 125 % or so, they're still very slow
    And they drive also&nbsp;through colliding activated objects and walls.

    Not too important but ai's are quite convinient to test track :D

    Last silly question (for the moment):
    Is it possible to add other objects myself and use those as&nbsp;a string (Sobjects) ?

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  2. Andre - I will try help with some info.

    INFO: Circuit info can be change with notepad. Edit the "Circiutname"gdb file. Self explanatory when in the text file.

    FUEL: Fuel use can be altered in the AIW file. Not sure what to change, but its values are there under [waypoint]

    SPEED: For the AI speed, you will also find this under the [waypoint] data. Their speed is calculated in these values eg. [WorstAdjust=(0.9000) MidAdjust=(1.0000) & BestAdjust=(1.1000)]

    SOBJECTS: You may have to read up how to do this. In the download section there is a small tut on how to make 3D objects and import them to the BTB xpacker. Sobjects require 3 models basically, beginning, middle and end. These are titled start, pattern, end in the xpacker. you will have to learn how to create your own xpack there. I made my pits for Roy Hesketh this way and found no problems.

    good luck
  3. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    TrackName = GPlongcircuit
    EventName = HZ GP Full Circuit // shows up in rFactor as the subfolder.
    GrandPrixName = HZ GP Full Circuit //this must be the same as event name in order to sort circuit info correctly.
    VenueName = HZ Full Circuit v1.01 // shows up in rFactor as the main folder.
    Location = Holland
    Length = 3.974 km use this also for calculating the fuel use.
    TrackType = Permanent Road Course
    Track Record = Greven, 2.00
    TerrainDataFile = GPlongcircuit.tdf
    GarageDepth = 2.5
    RacePitKPH = 50
    NormalPitKPH = 55
    Practice1Day = Friday
    Practice1Start = 10:00
    Practice1Duration = 60
    Practice2Day = Friday
    Practice2Start = 14:00
    Practice2Duration = 60
    Practice3Day = Saturday
    Practice3Start = 9:00
    Practice3Duration = 45
    Practice4Day = Saturday
    Practice4Start = 12:00
    Practice4Duration = 45
    QualifyDay = Saturday
    QualifyStart = 14:00
    QualifyDuration = 60
    QualifyLaps = 12
    WarmupDay = Sunday
    WarmupStart = 9:00
    WarmupDuration = 30
    RaceDay = Sunday
    RaceStart = 14:00
    RaceLaps = 77 (77 x 3.974=305.998 km which is the total amount of laps to reach 300+km +1 lap.)
    RaceTime = 120

    SkyBlendSunAngles=(-20.5, -1.0, 11.5, 25.5)
    Latitude = 53 (Holland) // degs from Equator (range: -90 to 90, positive is Northern Hemisphere)
    NorthDirection = 0 // the direction of North in degrees (range: 0 to 359)
    RaceDate = may 29 // default date for the race

    FuelUse=(63584.000) track length x 16. 3.974 x 16= 63.584
  4. Thanks for that Erwin - any reason the fuel is worked out at the value of 16 ?
  5. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    I read it somewhere in a forum. The guy worked with the value of 16 and it worked well. At least he said. I work with it now and it is ok.
  6. Done :)

    Hmm, tried also Erwin's suggestion: "gdb file/Length = 3.974 km use this also for calculating the fuel use." no luck sofar.

    The Aiw file gives btw the lap length: [Waypoint]\lap_length=5953.069. Don't dare to change it atm.
    Did try to resize track lenght in BTB, to 4000 mtr, result was very very scary, had some backups ;)

    Changed those values to 1.1000, 1.5000, 2.5000, Im still 14 seconds pro lap faster.

    Changed also my PLR file:

    "Fixed Setups="1" // use fixed setups specified in UserData\<plr>\FavoriteAndFixedSetups.gal (based on track and vehicle class)
    Fixed AI Setups="1" // whether AI use the fixed setups, only applicable if "Fixed Setups" is also enabled (and can be used in single player to have the AIs use your favorite setup)"

    No luck either, and I dont like to drive myself and others ? the fixed setup. Working on it.
  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Could you post the gdb-file, then i will make the changes for you, and post it again.
  8. Tnx m8, maar wel even via pm ;)
  9. For the fuel usage you want the line FuelUse=43170.933594[or whatever] in the AIW file - it's about 15 lines down from [Waypoint]

    If you can find another track similar length to your's in rFactor try copying it's FuelUse value to your track.
  10. Sorry if this sounds like a confusing question :) but....

    How does the fuel usage parameter relate to what kind of car is being driven? For example, if I stage a race using high consumption, high performance cars, like the FSOne mod, and stage another race on the same circuit using slow, low performance cars, like the East Cars mod (as an extreme example), how does the parameter relate to this difference in the cars?

    Surely a car just has a fuel capacity and drives a certain distance? I still do not understand the values for this paramater in RFactor!