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Tracks Circuit de Catalunya 1.5

Circuit de Catalunya

  1. Albert McSaltens submitted a new resource:

    Circuit de Catalunya - Circuit de Catalunya

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  2. Nice track.
    Have only one problem when I start barcelona, AC to work no more.
    At Barcelona-national everything is OK.
  3. i just tried in practice mode, hotlap mode and weekend mode and work fine.
    maybe try again? or check the log file
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014
  4. same for me not working
  5. sorry forgot and audio file, uploading on it's way
  6. your a legend. one of my favourites
    i better wait for audio file then i guess
  7. Albert McSaltens updated Circuit de Catalunya with a new update entry:

    Circuit de Catalunya 1.0 fixed

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  8. lol tnx
  9. Sorted, great track. Thx
  10. Now it works.:thumbsup:
  11. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Wow looks xcellent thank u so much
  12. AI line is not good, but the track is perfect...
  13. The Track is awesome to drive
    Thanks for the release
  14. no no thank you for the time effort and skill
  15. Hi
    i just tried your last release (the first i run)
    it works quite good, i just noticed some flicker effect in pits at garage doors (in both tracks
  16. Hi Albert,

    Would you be willing (and able) to smoothen some of those jagged, low poly aspects of the track? For example, more than the white lines and kerbs, the fences and guard rails sorely stand out.

  17. Thankyou you so much! i been waitin for this one :D
  18. i think you can create SFX directory inside your truck directory (locally). Check "salzburgring" or "gentrack1" map for example.
  19. Thanks!!!!!!
  20. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Great job mate! Awesome track!