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WIP Cicada GP

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Cicada GP
    18 corners (10 right, 8 left), 5,8km
    Up to 40 cars

    The name can change.. So this time it's a GP track and designed for modern F1 with a twist of classic racing. High speed blind corners, huge amounts of g-forces, double and even triple apexes and high elevation changes. The layout and the terrain is quite open so you can see a lot of track at once. I'll take some snapshots as soon as my project folder is backupped (backedup?backed up? or backed-up? no... it's backupped :) and uploaded to safe location..

    Also this is the first project that i'll be using more custom made objects using existing XPack contects mainly as placeholders. All the testing is done with custom F1 mod, equivalent to the 2011 specs... The target is that it's suppose to be so hard that i can barely put a clean lap in...

    5,8km, ~100m elevation and 18 corners (10 right, 8 left). This project is going to be a fast one as i really really like to drive in it as soon as possible.. Also the layout is simpler to do than Alpine Hills was since i can use my own models and not trying to figure how to model mother natures huge diversity. There are so much material from existing real life tracks (pics, videos etc) so i don't have to rely purely on my imagination.
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  2. Here's some screenshots: image upload for some reason doesn't work, neither does attachments.. It says that the following URL's are faulty or file is invalid.. weird..


    That last triple-apex is awesome, the reason this track elevated itself from the idea-pile..
  3. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Here Ya Go Mate. :)

  4. Here's the first version for testing and feedback: (edit: download link removed)

    Feedback would be great at this point before all the bugs are cemented, in the mean time i'll finish Alpine..
  5. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Will test it in the weekend if I gets time Kennet. :)
  6. +1 :)
  7. Did a good testrun around the track so i uploaded this vid.. I accidentally left some rulers on track, and the brakesigns are just placeholders.. There's strange flickering around 0:15 if you look at the grandstands. It shows only on some cams, like nosecam but works ok in others.. It isn't the custom objects only, other objects do it also. In Alpine Hills it does the same, the trees flicker there, haven't heard any feedback thou... If someone could check it so that i could possibly identify the problem.

  8. I just realised that this project have to remade now that i discovered the track-to-terrain technic... I simply can't do anything on it until at least the trackside is redone. The unnamed canyon project needs to completed too... Maybe i add it to Open Projects..
  9. Don't need to use track-to-terrain here but this project is halted for now until i get some inspiration.. I'll do a Challenge trackpack instead: very small "Arcade" tracks, something like the license tests in Gran Turismo series..I'll use the one MAS-several layouts technique to reduce the overall filesize, tradeoff is slightly longer loading times and some tiny FPS drops...
  10. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Yes, I want License track tracks. Just the ones that are being done on the cone course tho. :)
  11. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    License track courses? Here's a challenge for you - Complex String from Gran Turismo 3! A long track, a Skyline can lap in ~5 mins IIRC, but I haven't played GT3 in a long time. It contains pretty much every type of corner that a racetrack could physically and realistically have. It's a shame they got rid of it for GT4.
  12. I was thinking a lot of small tracks, slaloms, circles and short courses etc. for specific car classes.. I already tested doing "pacenotes" as Race doesn't show any in addon tracks.
  13. I just have to add those orange sausages like in Buddh GP has... Something that really punishes but you still have to drive as close as possible to them.. Anyway time to check this track a second time.
  14. TOO RIGHT!
    I love that track & it's the sole reason I'll still fire up GT3 occasionally these days, I'd love to see this re-created properly for PC sim-racing!
  15. Actually, Complex String has been available for GPL for a long time. Never tried it though, too fantasy for me.
  16. Now I know it been made for PC I'm going to have to go on a hunt.
    Imagine if a track design studio was given a piece of land & no FIA or anyone else to please except the developer & THEIR only stipulation was 'Every conceivable COMBINATION of corners possible with track type safety in mind' & you'd have Complex String.....
    Yeah, it's fantasy, but it's one fantasy circuit I'd LOVE to see built for real!
    Even sim/PSony wise, it's a track that should be in most bucket-lists!
    Plus there's so much possibility, if it was real, for it to be broken down into several independent club-day circuits.....
    Sorry to derail the thread there Kennett....
  17. Doing the AIW with rFactor AIW/CAMEditor proved to be a success.. AI cars now drive faster than i do at 105%.. More precisely, they are doing 3½ secs faster than me in F1..Have to scale it down, it's taking corners at speeds that are really not possible. They haven't got a huge concertino effect like before in the first hairpin, it wasn't a large correction that made the difference.. I was prepared to brake 100m sooner but they did the corner one by one with the optimal speed just like they should plus i couldn't use the overcut line too much, i passed one car.. Nice. With BTB AIW editor they constantly braked in midcorner.

    I did the AI run with FWD car, proved to be good tool to get ultrasmooth lines. I did only the fastline and new pitline to it, the rest is BTB. Works nicely like that since they are in different parts inside AIW. I do have 1.08 as AI grip and 1.02 is the player grip, now i just need to decrease the AI grip until i get 1-1½ sec faster than i can do, that should be a good level when using the 105% AI skill.. That seems to be the maximum "realistic" AI level, after that they are overdriving and making mistakes, pushing the player, behaving more aggressive.

    I hated working with AI before but now that it is finally doing what i want, it's kind of nice part of the process.. I get to drive a lot and i have to both drive at the limits or driving perfect racinglines slowly. Good practice for the upcoming RDGTC league.. i hope that the Cold Laps event will be soon, i'm itching to show this one..

    I will do the cornermarkers following KieferDJW tutorial to this track first, then i'll do them to Alpine. But it feels good to be on the homestretch sooner than expected. AIW is 100% (as far as i know), startlights work, textures are ready and sorted, gdb is at 90%... version is 0.99b...i may tweak some textures but then again, i may not..

    EDIT: godamnit, just realised that this the second project on the roll that has been made secret until Cold Laps.. How do i get in to these messes, normally i could just send this to testers now...
  18. Version 0.99c: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/RD/Pics/Mysterytrack/Cicada099c_by_CreamK.zip

    There were some that reported visualc++ error and load times in the forever range.. If anyone has got any 1gb PC around, could you test that my theory of memory shortage is the cause? It just has to be since my in tests with full 24 AI took ~750megs of memory (peak ~1gb) and VM (virtual memory) size was 1,4gig (online should be lower but can't confirm since it's absolutely impossible to get a full betatest grid online with a track that had to be kept secret until the mystery track race...). Load times will be extremely long if the RAM is exceeded and VM is used for runtime calculations, right?

    And the usual feedback, how far is the track in your opinion from a release, is the track scenery vs track+surroundings in the correct balance etc.
  19. Version 0.99d: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/RD/Tracks/Cicada099d_by_CreamK.zip

    - texture updates
    - new brickwall with guardrails to mark the track boundaries.
    - some terrain edits
    - memory issue corrected (i had left about 25km2 of sea as driveable.. current memory size under 400megs with 24 AI offline)