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Choose any car??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Tazker, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Hello I wanted to ask you something I like to start a career in formula 1 i be able to choose the car that i wanted to do 7 seasons.
    Thank you.
  2. If you do a 7 season career mode you will get the option to race with lower teams only I'm afraid, however in the first season when the press ask you to name your rival, pick who ever is highest in the drivers championship and if you beat him at the end of the season you will get to join that team, hope this helps
  3. Choose any Car

    But there is no way to edit the data to choose the team you wanted??
  4. I hope this isn't a completely useless post, but if you're planning on racing for a highup team you'd be better off with a shorter season count, if you're racing 7 seasons for the best it's going to get repetitive fast and in honesty, progressing up through teams is rewarding part and makes me want to continue playing.

    Placing first every race isn't fun, I would try racing for a team like Lotus with the correct difficulty and you'll enjoy yourself way more!
    (set the AI so you're actually placing around 18th in races instead of on the podium)
  5. I would start at Force India in 3 seasons but i want to play more seasons. I would like tostart in 7 seasons with Force India.
  6. Yeah I agree with this, I just finished my 3rd season with torro rosso and had the AI set too low and I win every race, by the last few races I just plow my car in to a wall so that I dont have to race as I already won the championship. This got boring very fast. I just started a new 7 year season with lotus and set the AI to expert and do a 50% race I have much more fun like this as I'm always racing other cars rather than laping them.

    If you go redbull or McLaren so soon you will have way too fast a car with the R&D objectives and will even be able to lap expert AI. But if you want to race for a good team I suggest you just do the GP mode and set the AI to your difficulty level.
  7. Thank you

    Thank you very much friend, I'm very grateful.
  8. This method should work, but I think you will have a perfomance loss of the team if you change this number to 5.