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Apparel Chilean Helmet 1.6

Made upon request

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  1. Mate, honestly - you should post more than just one screenshot. Maybe two or three, shot from different angles, would do the trick. Cause I think there's more to show than you show just like that.
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  2. ty very much :) =::)
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  3. Ok, I will ;)
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  4. Miles try using Ctrl + Q to goto photo mode :)
  5. In photoshop or what???
  6. Yeah mate I think so, thats what I always see schifty telling people - I think :p
  7. Ctrl+Q in photoshop is Quit.. atleast that what happend when I tried it! :p
  8. LOL - fail, I must of mis-read something sorry mate :) :thumbsdown:
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  9. Same here, good job I was finished working on this dutch helmet ;)
  10. I wish more still with less blue and a bigger star and the miniflag to :p
    The rest of the composition of colors is very good.
    Thank you very much.
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  11. I'll take a look, but I must ask everyone to stop asking for helmets!!! I have about 10 things on the o at the moment!!! I'm glad you like it though ;) It's nice when the work is appreciated ;)
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  12. Ok, so you want the star to be bigger, the flag to be bigger, and there to be less blue....?
  13. Ok, I now have more white and less blue, with two bigger stars and a small flag on the chin..... is that good??
  14. Would you like any team logos on it?
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  15. I've decided to drop the Italian project, so I just have this and a polish one left before I stop taking requests and focus on improving my skills ;) Hopefully with a better version of photoshop...
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  16. ok. ty
    I give you an idea:
    The top of the helmet paint it blue with a single big star and sides of the helmet paint it white and red. If you add the mini flag and logoswould be even better.

    Just do it if you have time.
    anyway the first version of the helmet is fine :)


  17. Hi, sorry! I still don't know how to get a symbol on the top!! Any tips would be appreciated!!
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  18. dont worry , try a new version but with less white on the top.
    just that :)

  19. Which colour would you like on top instead?
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