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Cars Chevrolet Monza 500E.F. 0.1.1

"GM J platform", by Rafael Malagoli

  1. Rafael Malagoli submitted a new resource:

    Chevrolet Monza 500E.F. - "GM J platform", by Rafael Malagoli

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  2. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium


    have followed the project since the Fiesta project started.

    Finally its released :)

    Great work!
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  3. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Thank u for this one
  4. My parents had one of those cars between 1989 and 1997. Great car, awesome memories from it.
  5. Thank you for the support guys!

    The actual physics is being totally remade from scratch by Bobskype, he has a great talent and is doing an awesome job!

    The next update will be included other Lod's and also the first sports version, based on european Opel Ascona i200 and MK2 Cavalier Calibre, with the infamous C20XE Opel Calibra engine.

    Here's a preview from the front bumper of this Body Kit, created by Irmscher at the late 80's:


  6. Zep


    Hello Rafael, thanks for this mod it drives beautifully, nice work.

    I would like to ask for your permission to modify the physics files for this car. I won't release or upload anything without your permission of course =)

    I have already started and finalized a RWD twin turbo version with 900 degrees of steering lock and slightly modified suspension that is great fun to drive (seriously, it like an old M3).

    If you want to give it a go i'll give you a link, Cheers =)
  7. RWD? Twin Turbo? This isn't a Australian Commodore or Opel Rekord, is an old mid size saloon, Front wheel drive, from the 80's ... has nothing to do with you are planing for it.

    About the physics, Bobsharp has already upgrade the model and I made some modifications for the sports version, Calibre... but has pretty realistic settings, with Opel Calibra engine specs..

    Sorry, but I really can't autorize another person to make the physics for this car.

    Also the next update will take a wile to be released, I'm not a sound engineer.. :/
  8. Rafael Malagoli updated Chevrolet Monza 500E.F. with a new update entry:

    New Physics and HotFix for RC1.0 (Sounds)

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  9. Zep


    I think you misunderstood me. I don't want to replace the physics or interfere with your (or anyone else's) work on this project in any way, this is purely for the fun of it.

    Have you ever tried to give say a honda civic RWD? I have and it really doesn't work which is why it was so surprising that when i gave this car RWD it worked so well.

    I only wanted to share the results as a novelty, nothing more.
  10. Zep, is the same thing to take the 500 Abarth from Kunos and make it RWD..... loose completly the sense of reality! This is a SimRacing game, not arcade .... how many Ascona C did you see everyday on the streets converted to RWD?

    Thing is that you can convert any FF car to RD, but the problem is that requires tons of modifications not only mechanics, but car frame as well... usualy people don't do this to old cars like Fiat Uno, Santana, this model .... because the original chassis are already very weak, they can't handle such modifications unless you spend 35 times the car price above the project.

    Already had two guys in official forum asking for a RWD version ... but i denied as well, because my thing is about trying to reach as much realism as possible.

    Maybe I can do (IF I HAVE TIME FOR THAT, haha) an striped version with tubular rear frame and the engine mounted in MR position, because would looks and feels much more realistic as a propper drivetrain convertion than the original car with RD.... but unless you can see the modifications with your eyes in game, is totally non sense to create this convertion.
  11. Guys, driver model fixed, but i'll not upload another build for now (Working on a few improovments and damage for the next build, no prediction to release yet))

    Open "Driver3D.ini" in DATA folder, and replace everything there for this:





    NAME=DRIVER:++++Driver_Body_SUB0 < REMOVE THE "++++" IN THIS LINE!

    ;HELMET = driver/driver_no_HANS helmet
    ;HELMET_69_SUB1 = driver_60 helmet
    ;HELMET_1975 = driver_70 helmet
    ;HELMET1985 = driver_80 helmet
    ;Driver_Body_SUB0 = driver/driver_no_HANS/driver_60/driver_70/driver_80 body
    ;Driver_Body_SUB1 = driver_70 hands
    ;Driver_Body_SUB2 = driver_70 head
    ;Driver_Body_SUB1 = driver/driver_no_HANS/driver_60/driver_80 head
    ;Driver_Body_SUB2 = driver/driver_no_HANS/driver_60/driver_80 hands
  12. Típico de brasileiro, não to falando que posso fazer melhor, mas só porque alguém fez eu não tenho o dever de achar bom. Aprecio teu trabalho, e sim eu devo criticar, pois não tenho a necessidade de achar o que todo mundo faz ao meu redor como coisas perfeitas.
  13. É incrível como muita gente que nem você tem como foco, a crítica. Sabe quantos meses me levou para criar texturas, modelar e configurar todo o carro? Desde Maio. Sabe o que eu ganhei com isso? Nada, além de noites sem dormir e horas na frente do PC.

    Chegar e dar uma avaliação de 2/5 pra quem só chegou e clicou em "download" é absurdamente simples... muitas pessoas dão a sua avaliação com base em muito além da crítica em cima de detalhes. Física não compromete todo o trabalho artístico que tem em cima disso, ela é facilmente reconfigurável por qualquer um que tenha feito download, a pasta "DATA" não é criptografada e qualquer um com bloco de notas pode chegar lá e fazer o que bem entender, visando atender às próprias necessidades... a minha era a de fazer um carro simples que todo mundo pudesse se divertir com ele, não sou engenheiro ou programador para fazer o carro se comportar exatamente como um Monza no jogo... o que seria muito ruim inclusive.
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  14. Muito bom cara!, mod bem dahora, gostei mesmo.
    tomara que você continue fazendo mods, pq tu tem talento!
    parabéns =]
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  15. not working for me =(