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Chevrolet Lacetti 2007 - Estoril

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Setups' started by Attila Domján, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. After waaay too much requests of sharing some new setups i decided to release the newest development of the Atti garage, the qualy setup for the next WTCC League round at Estoril.

    Pre-qualy PB: 1:45.836
    Qualy PB: 1:46.235

    Enjoy. :bike:

    Attached Files:

  2. Thanks Atti.As usually i will do some small changes and try to fit this to my Seat.Last time it worked pretty well
  3. Thank you very much! Think that will minimize my prequali laps to about 200 instead :)
    A TA-file is to much to ask for I guess :D
  4. Thx Atti just used this setup on my honda and what do know ive got a new car :)

    Took 2 secs of my best time first lap. Im still not under 1.50 but hey its better than i was before.
  5. lets have stg ro reserve for the RPM team members too :)
  6. I understand that.... just had to ask :)
  7. thank you,:alla:
  8. thanks atti
    my honda seems to like this set up ;D
  9. yo, i guess for Honda it is good too, for Alfa usually my Chevy sets are ok, for Seat i am not sure, they are behaving a bit differently compared to the other FWD-s.
  10. Thank You! I'll give it a try on the honda! :jumping:
  11. Very kind of you Atti, i will probebly have to struggle again to reach group1 thanks to you :yellowcard:

    Nahh its great of you to share with the rest :mech:
  12. Köszi Atti:alla:
  13. thx Ati, I will try it soon