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Chevrolet Lacetti 2007 - Brno 07

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Setups' started by Attila Domján, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Friendly setup for friendly racers for the FD series. :)
    Made a 2:10.6 so far with fuel usage and tyre wear on.
    Setup and hotlap replay attached.

    Enjoy, if you find it shitty then just throw into the rubbish bin. :)

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  2. Thanks Attila,

    If you don't mind letting go of a little secret, could you tell me how you down shift so quickly?

    Thanks again.
  3. Thanks! I'm going to check it out tonight.
    This track has just been a devil for me.:circuitzolder:

    Can't find the grip...
  4. I use paddle shifters and my magic fingers. :)

  5. Proffessional :o

    Thanks for your setup :)
  6. My setup is not quite like that, very nice!
    are those Sennheiser headphones I see? only the best.
  7. yup, i love quality :)
  8. thanks atti for the setup!!! i have just got race07 (and gtr2:p) so i haven't started to make my own setups yet. Made a 2:09.8xx with this setup but with all corners perfect its possible for at least a 2:09.3xx. thx again
  9. Thats a good time, maybe you can share your hotlap replay, so i can learn from it? :)
    My best so far in TA mode is 2:10.0 only nowdays, during testing long time ago could make a 2:09.6, but can not repeat it :)
  10. i actually saved the replay i think. if i did then i will send it to u in a pm probably 2moro as i need to do some studying now
  11. thx m8, never late to learn stg new :)
  12. here is the replay of my 2:09.8 lap. 2 mistakes and 1 big mistake and those cost me about 0.5 sec

    EDIT: it didn't work :S i will try again

    edit by Attila Domjan: file attached for you :)

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  13. I will try your setup Atti with chevy.thx
    I hate Brno with this seat . :)
    I am in big trouble on this track (+2.300 seconde)
    2 Christian Szymczak UNITED STATES Pro BMW 320si WTCC 2007 Brno 07 2:08.036

    But what path it has taken ?? lol
  14. hello friends
    i need a good setup for seat leon for the circuit brno,maybe someone can help me.
  15. oh i forgot it's for the wttc race 07 seat leon
    thanks again
  16. what can i do???????????
  17. You do not need to open the file. After downloading it you just need to copy into c:/Program files/Steam/Steamapps/your account name/Race 07/Userdata/Cars setups/2007 Brno and it will appear in the game.
  18. Hi, Douglas L. can you post your setup please? Would be great. Thanks.
  19. [​IMG]

    From this pic I only have the LCD. :rotfl: