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Chevrolet Corvette C6 2012 beta release

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Niels_at_home, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    Hello from Siim Annuk and Niels Heusinkeld!

    There is an all new Corvette C6 mod for rFactor, with the Coupe, Grand sport, Z06 and ZR1, the latter two having michelin cup tire upgrades available. Join public beta and see if you can find things we messed up. We'll try to fix it if we can, or perhaps you can help us. We spend a lot of time on it and hope you enjoy driving these cars as much as we had fun making them!

    - It is beta things may be wrong or broken, tell us! :)
    - read the readme.pdf for installation instructions
    - Seriously, read the pdf, it helps!
    - There is a PDF included, you may wanna read it.

    Two links, feel free to add more mirrors, we'll add them to this forum post:



    Use this thread at Racedepartment http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/chevrolet-corvette-c6-2012-beta-release.57464/ to comment, so we don't have to scan 25 forums to read what you all think. We may appear on other forums but lets call Racedepartment the official support forum!

    We hope you enjoy the mod! Depending on the bugs and problems we hope to have a final version before xmas 2012!

    Siim & Niels

    PS: read the readme!

    *** BUGS SOFAR ***
    Z07 and PDE upgrades likely to create a new RealFeelPlugin.ini entry, which is not a bug, but I stupidly erased their default values. For these cars I suggest to copy all the values from the ZR1 entry.

    The above shouldn't be true, there should only be 4 realfeel entries for the C6, GS, Z06 and ZR1. You may need positive or negative FFB strength in the rFactor menu depending on your wheel make. Choosing the Z07 or PDE upgrades should change your tires in the car setup to 'Mich Cup'. The default Zr1 has Mich PS2, the default Z06 has GY F1 Sup G2. FFB should not get inverted with any of these cars, so let us know if something weird happens.

    LoL! well the problem was found. I should have deleted the ZR1_PDE.veh and Z06-Z07.veh files. Please delete these files in their respective gamedata/vehicles/CHEVROLET/CORVETTEC6_2012/MODELS folder. They were vehicles that pointed to the performance physics before we used upgrades for this. So delete these 2 files and install sticky tires with the car upgrades.

    *** INSTALLATION ***


    The Chevrolet Corvette C6 2012 mod comes as an almost complete rFactor installation. It is really easy to get going, but you do have to follow a few steps:
    - Extract the zip archive to your hard disk, for example in D:\Games\
    - Open the config.ini file in the CorvetteC6_2012 folder, Find the line “TracksDir=” and add the full path to your favorite rFactor locations folder for example: TracksDir=D:\Games\rFactor\GameData\Locations\
    - Go to the CorvetteC6_2012\Userdata\YourName\ folder. Rename the YourName.plr file to your simracing name i.e. OttoVersteer.plr
    - Run rFconfig to set screen resolution and set Shader Level to DX9. Vsync should be turned off for reduced input lag and improved car control!
    - Double click the FullProc_HighPrio.bat file to start rFactor
    - Assign controls in rFactor, some wheels may require negative force feedback strength! The default settings are for 900 degree wheels. Reduce the steering lock in the car setup if you don’t have a 900 degrees wheel or better yet, upgrade your wheel! J
    - Set your graphics, driving aids, get a car, check the upgrades and go for a spin!

    Sound settings

    - Cars have upgrades available to use 44khz samples in case the default 192khz gives problems with your Windows / soundcard combination.
    - Sounds can be very dynamic (large volume differences) which is realistic. Set engine and sound effects volume to 20% for the greatest dynamic range, best experienced with headphones.
    - Set engine and sound effects to 100% for the least dynamic range, we advise against it!
    - The maximum sound volume at 20% or 100% volume is the same! At 100% standing still idling is nearly as loud as doing 180mph, whereas at 20% there is a large difference in volume between these two states.

    Why a full rFactor installation?

    Rfactor is very flexible but that makes it prone to being badly setup. We provide a full installation so you get the plugins and settings we feel are the best. These are (most) of the things we did:
    - Latest RealFeel plugin with pre-configured ini file
    - Grinding Tranny mod for realistic gear shifting, available as car upgrade
    - Optimize PLR file (sound settings, removed view shake, few other bits and bobs)
    - Optimize Controller.ini for full RealFeel force feedback, no fake effects
    - D3D9.dll for improved framerates on most systems
    Without Vsync, the best way to remove most image tearing is to run rFactor at a frame rate that is a multiple of the screen refresh rate. Most monitors are 60hz, so you would fix rFactor at 60fps. However, plugins (RealFeel etc.) work best above 90fps, and input lag is further reduced if your pc is fast enough to do 120fps. Press control+f to see you framerate. If this occasionally drops below 120, lower details or resolution. If you still can’t get a steady 120, the last step is to open the PLR file and change the “Max Framerate="-120” to -60. If your pc can’t do 60fps, it is time for an upgrade!
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  2. Woohoo! :p

    If you find bugs, well... it's a beta! Seriously, though, let us know! :)
    It's been a long way and time, I can't believe I started to remodel the Corvette more than a year ago... (but that's how it is for us modders who do it from their own free time) :)
  3. So yeah, as I had said when it was private, I think the exterior sounds could be improved.

    A bit less gnarly and more growly if that makes sense, much like the interior sound, but on the outside :p
    The Supercharger whine for the ZR1 would be nice aswell :)

    Also, are the tyres supposed to heat up that much that quickly ? Just want to know :)
  4. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    External sounds can certainly be improved, Siim and me are no sound guys. That the internal sounds are improved is almost a miracle already. I created the wind noise by literally blowing into a microphone.. I had about 10 minutes of patience left for the external sounds, so anyone that improves them to our liking, we probably include it in the final version :)

    Tires heat and cool very quickly, my approach is to simulate the outer surface temperature. So a drift of lockup or understeer corner instantly affects the tire, but it also cools down when you resume normal driving. Grip loss at high or low temps is small though.
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  5. Sounds are hard to make -- you need very good sources. Either record it off a real car (I don't have a Corvette unfortunately) or go over tons of different video material, most of which has inaccurate sound recording (too much noise etc). So yeah, sounds always need work and the rFactor sound engine isn't very good either.
    Unless you own a Vette, I cannot really accept your opinion on whether the sounds are accurate or not. :)
    Anyway, I hope this version is an improvement over the previous old version! I'm trying my best to bring the graphics up to some standards :p
  6. Are you guys able to pack files into a separate folder for the UIData and the Shaders etc just so i dont overwrite my original rf install :)
  7. Thanks for the mod!!!!!!!!!!!! After being teased by several physics test videos it's nice to actually play with them myself ;) Also I am looking forward to seeing this new model, from pics it looks VERY good!

    Just copy the following folders for bare bones install:

    Well that's what I am doing since I use analog sticks and already have my plr and config tweaked to my liking. Maybe I am missing something else as the instructions alluded to many tweaks... but I think this should work for a bare bones install.
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  8. thanks!
  9. Im very impressed by the graphics and the sounds, especially the inside. :D the physics feel more "realistic" and the way the car (zr1) travels over bumps and transitions feels very realistic. Graphically I cant complain, I dont really study vettes much so I cant really tell where you guys can improve, someone else could though :) Overall this mod is definitely heading in the right direction.

  10. Phil Dufour

    Phil Dufour

    Hey guys,

    just a question, i can´t run the .exe from the pack unzipped.Any ideas?

  11. Phil Dufour

    Phil Dufour

    I´ve found the way by following the post by DALE, but i still have a problem . I can see the car in the showroom , but not in game .I can drive but the car looks like no "shape" (grey color)
  12. James Woods

    James Woods

    Been trying this out tonight with some assists on - I must say, it's one of the best I've ever tried, including the next-gen sims. It has that GSC feel all over it. I thought I'd retire rfactor soonish to the recycle bin, but this mod makes it impossible, i think it'll be there on my E: forever. You just can't beat this mod plus the rf Nord by com8 and pals - two of the finest examples of sim racing to date for me.
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  13. Phil Dufour

    Phil Dufour

  14. Hi guys, I installed the mod and extracted, followed the read-me step by step. However when I install any track I'm getting .MAS errors when I load it. Do you have any idea what the problem might be.

    Would you recommend downloading rFactor 1255 and making a fresh install and then overwrite all the files from the mod folder into the rFactor folder?

  15. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    We assume you have a rFactor circuits folder somewhere already, to which you point in the config.ini file. There have to be some files in the "Locations" folder (such as commonmaps.mas). If you just create a locations folder and install a track, you are missing these files that are part of a regular rfactor installation.

    We didn't include them as we assume you simply point to a working track folder. :)
  16. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios


    I would try to unzip the entire mod somewhere new. The config.ini is in the first folder, together with the rfactor.exe. When you edit the TracksDir in this file so it points to an existing rfactor tracks folder, run rFconfig and then rFactor should start. We included the internet rfactor.exe, which should run if you have an activated online version of rFactor, otherwise you should get a 60 minute demo.

    Don't forget to set the shader level to dx9 in rFconfig, otherwise things may look wrong or not work.
  17. Thanks Niels, however I looked at the readme again and found out it would be better to use my normal rfactor location directory and it worked. The mod is incredible, I love it.

    These are the things I think need tweaking :

    1. Gear Shifts need some aggressiveness to them. Similar to this

    2. External Sound needs improvement to sound like the interior sound, but maybe with an increased volume.

    3. 5th gear in the ZR1 (Did not test others yet) definitely needs to be lower. The gear ratio is definitely too high in my opinion after 4th gear

    Those are the only things I found need some tweaking with the mod. Other than that it's absolutely fantastic.

    Also would it be possible to post the best settings for logitech profiler (G27) please and with regards to the ingame settings (FFB, deadzone etc.) they are already optimized for 900 degree steering right?

  18. Phil Dufour

    Phil Dufour

    "Don't forget to set the shader level to dx9 in rFconfig, otherwise things may look wrong or not work."

    That was it ....Thanks Niels ;)
  19. In order to not making this post too long I will not tell you how excellent job you`ve done with this mod ... or I will. And you call that only beta... OK, to the point.

    -flickering for second or two on first screen after loading track ... this could be down to my equipment (hd6850 and 11.7 catalyst) but I have multiple rF installs working without any problem.
    -in car speedo need to be corrected (not digital on hud) because 100mph isn`t 225kph
    -subjective feeling that upgrade with michelins do not offer any better grip ... quite oposite ... or sweet spot that I find on setup works only with goodyears (front 230KPa; rear 240kPa; front toe out 0,20 or toe in -0,20, rear toe in 0,40) ...is it possible that it`s reverted under upgrades meaning that you already have better tires and with upgrade you get stock? Tested with beautiful black Z06 (Z07 ultimate performance pack)