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Cheetah for GTL?

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Psychographic, May 22, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know if a Cheetah was ever made for GTL? I would love to have one for the game.
  2. for such stuff you are pretty wrong here go and play with .......
  3. No :) Did you see the article in Octane?
  4. Sorry, I don't understand your answer, play with what?

    What is Octane? If it's a site do you have a link?
  5. :D i think Michael picked you up wrong, he thinks you are looking for a cheat and not the aussi cheetah cars
  6. This is the Cheetah I'm looking for.

  7. Octane is a motoring magazine. There is a 5 page article on the Cheetah in the current edition (#85, July 2010). In the UK at least, the Cheetah is an almost unknown car so I wondered if the article had prompted your post, but clearly not. It was just a co-incidence.