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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. After last year's RAM-cheating episode with two people who I won't name again, FSR has found another cheater.

    The driver in question is "Sergio Ereola", thanks to the FSR Manager provided to us by Christian Smirnoff we were able to catch him and confirm his cheating in his first (and only) appearance in FSR.

    The FSR Manager recorded his activities during the race and during the post-race checks it was easy to spot that he was using a well known RAM-cheating tool.

    Like in last year's case the penalty shall be an immediate Lifetime Ban from any FSR activities to "Sergio Ereola".

    Also like in last year's case, we won't be releasing any technical evidence we have to the public, in order to protect the information which the FSR Manager records and to protect the anti-cheat methods it uses.

    Instead we will be releasing a replay of "Sergio Ereola" merged with the top 2 Qualifying times from the Silverstone WC event. Note: This replay is NOT our evidence, it is just to showcase what he was able to do with the cheats compared to the 2 fastest drivers in FSR currently.

    While cheating is a very volatile subject matter, please stick to the forum rules if you wish to discuss this topic.

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  2. Nicely caught .. the replay says it all anyway to me...

    It's a reassuring to know that FSR Manager is working properly :).
  3. Congratulations to the FSR administration and also to Christian for his great job with the FSR Manager. :) It's nice to see that cheaters can't take part in this league.
  4. Agreed. I wonder how i was able to get pole from that guy lol
  5. This is a little sad that someone would cheat. Great job on catching it.
  6. lol Pedro just shows how bad he is even with a cheat going ;) Nice one :p
  7. LoL, I didnt even know that cheating is possible in Racing Simulations. How gay is that.

    He must have no fun at all..... good that he is gone now.

    300km/h in the first corners... lolol :D

    But what nice laps by Bruno and Bono.
  8. I did not know cheating was possible either, it's realy a shame that people cheat.​
  9. Very well done to all Admins. Good to see cheaters are caught on first attempt.
  10. Very sad to see but shows the tools works well so well done guys

    How does the effect the results? Is he excluded and then everyone moves up a position?
  11. Great Job guys ! Nice to see that he got caught imeadiatly !
  12. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Wow, I too had no idea any type of cheating was possible. I originally thought this thread was about some type of extreme cutting.

    But, seriously, why would anyone do simracing if they are going to cheat like this? What is the point in playing a driving game if you're not actually going to drive? Makes no sense to me whatsoever... Sad.
  13. Honour, Status, WannaBeSomething... It's sad but true

    Good job Christian as usual
  14. Well there is money to win i guess, thats possibly why he cheated so he could win. But great work from the admins to catch him!
  15. m8, unfortunately there are cheaters in EVERY game, but usually in race game there are a bit less because the comunity of racing game is small compared to other types of games like fps or mmorpg etc and usually racing games are more for "mature" people......but always there are still few black sheeps.......and i hope about the few....
  16. Great job guys, I appreciate FSR for this!!!
  17. good job! im happy for this new! :D
  18. Unfortunately the guy only purchased a 3-race-licence. :rolleyes:

    I also want to thank Christian for all the work he put into the manager, specially this year even more as we pushed with improving the anti-cheat measures during the winter, and Christian did great. There's still more to come as he said.
    Indeed the case shows that the Manager works well, but of course the execution of the cheat was totally stupid. It will be more difficult when a driver is clever enough to NOT go faster than Huis or Marques. :tongue: But the Manager is working really well, I'm confident it can detect the more difficult cases as well (if they ever happen). It did last year already in the old version. :)

    As far as I'm aware FSR is the only league possessing a program like this. There's other stuff like Tyka but from what Christian told us, Tyka is useless compared to our tool.
    So, thanks again!
  19. Good to hear cheaters get caught!! Keep up the good work!
  20. God joob guys!

    It´s incredible (outside the movements i did last Sunday, sorry Ivan) that the people play with cheats in games that are basically created for fun...

    Therefore, Pedro´s victory is well deseverd. Congrats again! :pray: