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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Olivier Prenten, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Apparently some drivers found the way to cheat and get the best times on the leaderboards!


    Can someone confirm this?

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Mariusr22 [​IMG]
    Many drivers have modified theire file regarding cars grip level sending it to 200% or more. It's a bug of the game to make such a file editable, or not checking it when they post the times on the leaderboards
  2. I hope this isnt true...

    But it seems entirely feasible, on PC anyway. I cant see how a console user would be able to pull this off.
  3. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Grip levels probably not, but it wouldn't be that difficult to submit a false time to the leader boards if you know how.

    Regardless, if this true then I can't say that I'm surprised. Practically all games that feature online leader/score boards get compromised sooner or later.
  4. welcome to F1 2010 from Codi - this fact is old
  5. The number 1 time at Istanbul has a 6sec first and second sector.

    There's programs out there that manipulate the game in loads of different ways to make you finish first and all sorts. People will ALWAYS find a way to cheat. Pity.

    Although I stumbled upon a bug on the first Arcadey Friday where I did a 1:38 around Spa online. Dont know what happened but every other lap I was 4secs slower through S1.
  6. thats a glitch time when it doesnt register a sector, however these times "in race" do not count for the leaderboards, only TT times go on the boards and I never seen a gglitch on any of them...
  7. i hope theres not cheaters on it i play on xbox live and on shoot em ups modern warfare 2 for 1 there are loads of cheaters and it has ruined the game for me.
    im probably not even going to buy the new black ops because i know its just going to be a cheat fest modded warfare is what it should be called.
    But im not putting down all mods because some are good for improving game quality like different cam views and stuuf like that but mods used in MW2 like seeing thru walls and aim bot etc are just **** and theres no skill involved in the game at all.
    i just like to play games for fun and nothing else and people who cheat are just useless and need a way to make themselves look good and that annoys me
    im not the most hardcore gamer but people who cheat are pretenders and nothing more so i hope the cheaters stat off F1 cos their not wanted lol.
    sorry if i went on a bit in the middle but cheaters get on my breasts lol and bassically cheaters out!!!
  8. There is no doubt what so ever that some of the top TT times for PC are invalid. Take a look at Melbourne (Dry) times - there's a whopping 15 sec difference in only the top 5 places, and a massive 3.3 sec difference between 1st and 2nd place alone!

    That sounds a bit dodgy to me...
  9. that does sound fishy very fishy theres not too much of a gap on the 360 yet but give it time people find ways to hack leaderboards on all games on 360
  10. Maybe if you get the F1 license, you make the priority timing and scoring, telemetry, and game play - rather then an agent in hip jeans and swede boots and a so called "penalty system"....