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Cheaters on the TimeTrial Leaderboards?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by vladimirjeger, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Hey guys. I just saw a strange thing on the leaderboard for Albert park Australia. How is it possible to drive 1:20:xxx around this track with assists on? This guy is 3 seconds faster than the second best thime

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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I've never really seen the attraction of leaderboards, they always bring out the worst in people.

    Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my own stats in many types of game, but have no interest in some random stranger's stats :)
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  3. Yeah, just saw the top 4 seconds quicker at Spa :)
  4. I still don't understand how. :O_o:
  5. China is OK for now...this is normal..I know I can improve. I just bought the game yesterday. But 6 seconds faster is a lot... I can't catch that

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  6. Check out the real times for Australia here: http://www.statsf1.com/en/circuit-melbourne.aspx.

    I suppose you could use the replay tool and keep patching together fastest times in sections from a ton of different runs until you got a top time. Is there any way to tell if this is one complete lap or a Frankenstein's monster of a bunch of different runs?
  7. I think it is possible that the game sometimes counts the invalidated lap for cutting the corner, it's a bug. I also noticed that some guys playing online races are morons. There are slow ones that are just cruising around the track, and there are the ones that hit you from behind Maldonado style or spun you off when you try to overtake. They piss me off so much. I have a feeling they are there just to ruin someone's fun
  8. Here is a cheater, after they restarted the leaderboards and fixed the problems of invalidated laps being counted towards the fastest lap. This guy uses some kind of acceleration, like NOS
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  9. ..might be someone using "traction" mods from 2015, only fixed for 2016.
  10. jimortality


    and this is one of the reasons people prefer to play single player! I blame modders and I blame the people that encourage the modders by downloading. Doesn't matter If it's a minority, it's there and it's cheating.
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  11. I found that track limits don't work at turn 9 in Silverstone (Copse).
    It's easy to run wide there, but the game still count the lap time.

    I don't go wide on purpose, I hate cheaters because they ruin the competition.
    Just to report.
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  12. They fixed that, it was in the last patch, and that's why they wiped the leaderboards clean
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  13. Yes but usually the game doesn't allow you to play multiplayer if you have traction or tire wear mods, or something that's changing the performance of the car. You can use helmet mods and car skins.
  14. I played AFTER the patch.. that's why I wrote here
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  15. jimortality


    Yeah on the Monza leaderboard, it has someone with a 1.17 and all the others 4 seconds behind. This is after the patch as well
  16. Well I just hope the won't reset the leaderboard again, I can't do all circuits 3 times in dry and wet. Theu should fix it properly and then reset it.
  17. Are you sure it's not that guy who is cheating with acceleration?
  18. jimortality


    I'm not sure mate, I didn't check the ghost on the lap times
  19. He's name is easy to recognize, it's all squares and brackets :)
  20. Who cares anyway guys? Let them cheat. They are only really cheating themselves. No morals or glory there. There will always be people willing to cheat whenever they can exploit something. From time trial leaderboards to racing and getting all 4 wheels off the track to get a fast lap time. It happens because they can do it. They are cheats and they get some thrill out of being a cheat.
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