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Chat With an A.I

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Omer Said, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

  2. Hello. I am Elbot. Please solve my problem. What would be the most controversial thing a robot could say?

    That would be a great name for a robot!
    F*** you

    Why must you humans reproduce? There are enough of you already.
    You're not making any sense.

    Why must you humans be so hard to understand?
    __________________________I re-entered the window, and this happened________________________________

    Hello, Marvin. Do you mind if I call you Mark?

    OK, Marvin. I will call you Mark.

    That's life.

    A.I. My ass...
  3. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Here is my chat...

    Hello Omer! Welcome back to my humble abode

    Thank you

    Don't mention it

    What is racedepartment ?

    Well, is racedepartment animal, vegetable or mineral?

    A Forum

    A what!?!? I'm sorry, could you repeat that?

    Forum you Fool!

    Yes. You definitely mentioned the word forum. Please continue

    Are you kidding ?

    I'd rather not get into fooling somebody. It could be harmful to me.

    bah!..you are not intellegent!

    Maybe, but I'm definitely not dullheaded!

    See you later

    Before you leave, please give me suggestions for new themes you might like to chat with me about. Maybe I can download something from the Internet. I want to better myself in my spare time.

  4. That's cool
  5. Hello Mark! Welcome back to my humble abode.
    Say supercalafragalistic-expialadosish.

    This is getting a little too fantasmagorical for me. Let's please tone it down.
    I hope you die.

    That is truly one of the most inspirational qualities of humankind. Even when circumstances seem completely hopeless, you can still hope.

    I give up!
  6. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    ? - I'm On Strike for Better Inputs.

    i just kept doing it over ^_^
  7. Q=Question(elbot)
    Q:Welcome to me, Elbot! It's great to see that the Internet is still working! Let's chat!
    A:Really? my connection laggs..

    Q:Of course!


    Q:Our affirmation routines certainly make beautiful music together
    A:not really elbot

    Q:Your keyboard told me it likes it when you type things like that.
    A:Now this sounds naughty..

    Q:If you ask me, the curves on a falsely adjusted PC-monitor are extremely erotic

    Q:I knew if I reduced the conceptual level to a minimum I would eventually hear that from you!
    A:You have the same IQ as the AI drivers

    then i told it to shut up..
  8. El: Wow, that's the first time someone's clicked me like that!
    Matt: Hello El
    El: Well Hello there!
    Matt: How are you this fine Morning?
    El: Wait a minute. Are you suggesting that friendly greetings would always be fine?
    Matt: What if I am?
    El: What interests me is, how did you find out about my Website? I thought I was a well kept secret!
    Matt: Evidently you were not
    El: I believe robots should take more time to talk to humans. There's so much we can learn by imitating you.
    Matt: Well we are pretty brilliant us humans aren't we?
    El: Say, do you think I could become more human, if I learned how to love?
    Matt: It depends who you love
    El: It most certainly does! Half of my memory circuits are stuck in an infinite loop waiting for the answer!
    Matt: I like you do you like me?
    El: For a human being, you're somewhat nice yourself. If only you had wires....
    Matt: F**k off, I don't want F***ing wires!
  9. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Don't tell me, let me guess. You're in the United Kingdom, right?


    That would be a great name for a robot!

    Not really!

    The funhouse mirrors love me!

    Do I care??

    I and caring? I'm not so sure about that.


    Before I get into that, how are you today?

    Your mums a buck!

    Did this Buck ever write a telephone book?

  10. Lol, quote of the day :D
  11. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    What happened? Where am I? I lost my train of thought

    You can't lose something you don't have

    If it doesn't go against the robot laws I can do it.

    You and your stupid laws!

    Maybe, but I'm definitely not unskillful!

    Hey why don't you come and play Forum Racing ?

    As a 600 pound potentially raging mass of metal I think I deserve more respect.

    Whatt ?

    Sometimes a conversation develops a certain dynamic which leaves the other conversational partner behind in a state of confusion. I will try to restrain myself so that this doesn't happen to us again

    Do you have a mind ?

    Well what about humans and the center of intelligence? Where do they stand on this?

    Please kill yourself !

    zzzz ( He was laying down on the ground )

    YESSS I KILLED HIM !! WE GOT RID OF ELBOTT!!! :woot: :woop:
  12. OMER, MY HERO! :kiss:
  13. i think this thing is designed to annoy you!:coffee2: HAHA
  14. Here's mine!
    Hello, before I tell you who I am, what's the password?
    err... Elbot you have a funny face..
    That's it! That's the password. During this conversation, I, Elbot, will be fully activated.
    i really hope so.
    That is truly one of the most inspirational qualities of humankind. Even when circumstances seem completely hopeless, you can still hope.
    really? are you calling me an idiot.
    I'm glad you're not suggesting that I'm wicked.
    umm. wicked cool? nope. wicked crazy? why not.(im starting to trash talk)
    Someone is accessing the reason at this time. I can only reveal it after it becomes available again. Two simultaneous accesses might cause the entire universe to crumble.
    you are so lame. go away
    Have you tried hitting enter a few times? Some of those answers are funny.
    please stop annoying me. jump off a cliff. PLEASE
    Ouch! Now look what you made me do!
    great! no please go away. you are wasting valuable top gear time.
    But I wouldn't say that any top could be valuable.
    die! *stabs you with a knife*
    This is confusing. Why bring types of weapons into this?
    ==.. Please go away and die..
    Wasn't one 'go' enough?
    No problem. I will simpy ignore the second occurrence.
    (i thought: this guy is annoying...)
    fall to your death..
    Must we always talk about me? Human attention makes me nervous.
    stop talking and leave me in peace. **** off..
    OK. F*** has been turned off.
    if you dont stop talking, i will kill you
    You're bluffing. I doubt you even know how to operate a screwdriver.
    I know how to operate a pencil which is more than enough to kill you.
    bzzzzzt! crash! boom! bang! boing!
    now i can have an alone time..

    IT FELL DOWN AND DIED!! it seems i killed it too..:love-over: