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Changing the default sky in RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by SPERGER, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Can anyone tell me how I can change the default sky that is used when i export my projects to RBR. Any help gratefully received.

  2. As far as I know, you can't change the default sky.
    What I do to I use a different sky is placing a huge object (almost a semi-spehere) in the middle point of the track with the texture of the sky.
    You can download my track Olocau-Gátova, and have a look at the object "se-uv_circular2" inside GPack XPack. Change the texture for that object and you can have the sky you want.
    To make it work properly I also change exported FX folder. Substitute the one you exported with the FX folder located in my exported version of Olocau-Gátova track.

    NOTE: inside BTB it is not easy to select the sky object. For this reason I recommend moving it to its own group just after adding it to the project.
  3. Thanks for that I will have a look and see if I can make it work for me.
  4. That works fine. thanks Zaxxon.
  5. Greetings :)
    Another way could be like this: you can create another track around your stage (I did simply a huge circle track), then create a big terrain for that track and make it (raise) like a big dome over your stage. You don't need to create many polygons for that. I did like 150 huge polygons for 15 km round track I mentioned earlier. Then find (or make) some picture of the sky and mix that "sky" terrain with the photo (just take any material and set "mix with background image" to 100%. It works fine if you find some picture like "sky dome". Remember to set these huge polygons as non driveable, you can also switch off rendering the round track, which the "sky" is connected to, since it's only supporting thing (also "collide" and "driveable" etc.)
    But, one big disadvantage of this way is that it's very easy to accidentally merge the terrain from the track with the "sky" terrain, so you probably can do it at very end of making your track (or always remember to hide that sky when you still work with your terrain). Sorry for my English, but I think you get the idea :)
    If you like to take a look here - that was made with the way described above:
  6. Again, Zaxxon's way is great, I founded "my" way when I did not know anything of making objects and XPacks. Well, I still know not much ;) Thanks, Zaxxon! :) :)
  7. [​IMG]
    There are a lot of fantastic skies in cgtextures. It is a really simple task to use them with the skydome object I created


    1) Install GIMP.
    2) File->Open and we select the sky image file
    3) Filters->Distorsions->Polar coord
    4) Click on OK
    5) Image->Image autocrop
    6) Image->Image scale. Select a new size for the image, power of 2, for example 1024x1024. Click OK
    7) File->Save as

    If we save the image in dds format, using the new texture is as easy as replacing one of the original sky textures from Cielos.zip with the new one (extract contents, replace, compress again).

    I created 32 more skies from cgtextures' textures:
    Cielos2 (16 new textures from cgtextures.com) http://www.mediafire.com/file/yzdx2iydzyb/Cielos2.zip
    Cielos3 (16 new textures from cgtextures.com) http://www.mediafire.com/file/jnjwmjfn2j1/Cielos3.zip
  8. Thanks again Zaxxon, these will come in very useful.
  9. :) Zaxxon, can you tell what exactly you've changed there? Just curious :)
  10. I have changed Cielos.zip XPacks in the downloads section.
    If I am not wrong, now it would be easy to select, move, resize, etc. the sky object.
  11. there is no option in gimp to save as dds. :(
    ive also tried photoshop, 3dsmax..etc trying to get a sky in rbr.. im totally stuck, can anyone help

    ill assume its not as simple as just manually typing in a .dds extension in the save dialogue, but ill try anyway :/

    EDIT: gimp error on attempting to manually type .dds after file name:
    "The given filename does not have any known file extension. Please enter a known file extension or select a file format from the file format list."
  12. Thanks, that plugin unfortunatly dose not work. I put the files into the relevent diretory, restarted gimp, but there is still no option to save as dds, also typing in .dss manual is a no go.

    I saved it as a jpg.. opened up photoshop, loaded the image, saved as dx3 dds. loaded btb, made a road, placed one of your skyglobe objects, brought up the materials editor, clicked on the texture that paticualar skyglobe was using, went to texture tab, replaced it with my own created dds sky image, pressed ok. looked in 3d view and the sky looks great exatly as it should, exported to rbr, but alas all i see is a blured bluish whitish mess... as if rbr dosent know what to do with the texture mapping coords. im at a loose end here, dunno what to do nnext, i have tried just about everything to get this to work.

    this was also happening when trying to make a sky globe with 3dsmax.. either the texture mapping looked good in max but not btb, or looked good in btb but not in rbr.. im not talking about colors here or anything im talking about rbr or btb totaly messing up the mapping.... no amount of editing offset or tiling values in btb fixes it
  13. Can you post a screenshot?
    Did you change the fx folder?
  14. um wait a sec... i think this is one of thoses "my bad" moments..

    In gimp i resized the image to 2048x2048 not 10248 (i figured since my stage is so "open" i wanted a higher res sky" .. now im thinking perhaps since your globes where all made with 1024, simply replacing the mats with a 2048 image wont work due to the mapping scale being off. would i be correct in assuming this? .. ill go back to gimp and make it a 1024 jobby

    .. but then again, why dose btb itself show it correctly mapped even with 2048

    EDIT: no changing mat to 1024 still looks as it should in btb but rbr same result as this: http://www.fractalscapes.net/designs/03.jpg
  15. Did you change the fx folder?

    Image size doesn't affect uv mapping.

    (note: the darkest blue you see in rbr, lowest part of the image, doesn't belong to the sky object)
  16. fx folder?
  17. @Pangea, remember to replace files in FX folder as Zaxxon says, then the sky will look better.
    Anyway, don't expect 1024 or even 2048 texture to be as sharp as nearest tree if you stretch it over 10 kilometers ;)
    And also - in real life we also can't see very distant details of things, including sky! So, it's normal that the sky can be blurred a little - I like it better :)