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Changing a time trial winning setup to a race setup

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by F1XBOX360, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone!

    When you use those amazing setups everyone is posting you get really fast on time trials - no question about that. The thing is when you use those setups in actual races those hardly work at all.

    My question is: Is there a more or less pratical way to tweak a winning setup for the time trial to a winning race setup making small changes?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I am waiting on the response too. What is the differece betweem TT and racing. the setup should work like it is supposed to and have the same timing.
  3. the difference is what kind of simulations you have on. e.g tyre wear, fuel simulation. performance. you can try to make small changes to the set ups but i don't think it'll make much of a difference because these guys are as good at setups and rarely get it wrong
  4. Find the setup these guys post that makes you most comfortable. Then modify it a touch. Most race pace means you need a bit more height on the car and maybe a bit more down force. Careful of some of these setups, many of them use super high grip with Toe and Camber which will destroy your tires big time. If your racing career mode, you may even need to reduce the gear ratio 1 or 2 notches to make up for the cars slower acceleration and top speed.

    With slight modifications I can almost get to 3rd qualifying in a lotus first season. No driver assist, and legend career. Doesn't mean you will win races though. Seems even though your partner always qualifies 3 to 4 seconds slower than you, he will lap during the race faster than your qualifying times.
  5. Exactly Kazius ... those time trials setup chew tyres immediatly, and when you use them online/career you get no grip with them. I make laps slower 4-5 sec using a time trial setup on a race.

    I´m struggling to get good setups for races, i like time trials but there isn´t much rewarding getting your times on Leaderboards if you can´t race online - and don´t get me wrong, those setups are huge and so are the people behind them -Congratulations for that!

    But i just want to get good setups for racing online with no assists at all (always), so that i can grab a good pace during all the session.

    If you choose a setup from the engineer, is there a way to tweak it a bit so that it gives you a great setup? I´m asking this because there´s a lot of people making good laps using the engineer setups...

    More feedback would be appreciated!

  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    In general:
    - Less negative camber
    - Less toe
    - Softer springs and anti-rollbars

    This should decrease tyrewear significantly. However i use my TT setups for the race as well.
  7. Don't forget that in TT mode you are racing in 'ideal conditions' i.e a fully rubbered-in track and optimum fuel load, so you'll struggle to match TT times in normal races.

    This is an interesting thread because I have often wondered whether the TT set-ups will work equally as well in career or online racing modes. I was particularly concerned about the aggressive camber and toe settings that are suggested and the effect they would have in normal racing conditions. When I've used TT setups online in 50% races, I've often found that my option tyres are useless after 6/7 laps (I race with all assists off except auto gears), but this could be a result of my driving style as well as the camber/toe settings? How does this compare to other people's experiences??

    I think I'll take Bram's advice and knock these settings down a notch or two for normal racing (career and online) and see how that effects the tyre wear.
  8. In race they don´t work anywhere near the TT. Tyre wear and initial grip is history with this kind of setup. But once again NO driving assists!

    Bram is not much of an example, i thought this forum was for earth people only - NO ALIENS ALLOWED :)

    On a serious note it would be cool if more people posted the "tricks" to change a winning TT setup into a winning RACE setup with minor changes...
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    If you are not running your races in first position constantly i would always make the final gear a wee longer. Slipstreaming is a really effective method to overtake the guy in front of you.

    With a TT setup most people max their 7th gear to reach full red at the end of the fastest straight. In a race you need that little extra more (one/two clicks) to be able to slingshot past your opponent :)
  10. I find slip streaming to be non-existent in this game.
  11. I find TT to be completely useless except for learning a circuit.
    The times I can do are about 5s less in TT than with the same setup in GP practice, qualy or race.
    I don't think there is any fuel, tyre, etc. simulation in TT. In fact, I'm not even sure there is any real car simulation.
    I also have never understood the setups that people post. They never work for me, and never seem to be car specific, so I don't see how they can be useful. (Also, the times posted, I'm sure are done by people from another planet!
  12. Hmmmm been silently reading :) , are there any post/threads here i can find a setup for online racing for a given track? or simply take the ones you get and start tweaking it from there. Sorry i am not a good at setup's , i am learning.

    Using TT setup as a start do we need to tweak it make it more suitable for online racing? One of the posts here mentioned camber and toe settings. so in general do we need to make the car "tighter" for online racing. Are there any steps to follow to tune the car from TT setup to online setups. Ideal would be if anyone can post an online setup here so people like us can try.

    Thanks in advance.
  13. it would vary depending on assists you are using fuel sim tyre sims etc its complicated i dont play very often online as when im winning some1 will just ram me off the track so it soured the whole thing for me
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Did you take a look in our f1 2010 setups forum? http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-setups/
  15. Yes i did, - no offence , but they dont seem to work for me, i always have to tweak it to make it more fogiving for me. I think some of the setups i tried are "loose" and fast.

    I was looking setups for online sprint 3 lap race and 20% race , that would be a good start.
  16. I redid the Bahrain race recently. Using Ramon van Rijin's setup for everything but gear ratio's. I used Sam Peacock's gear ratio's cause when I drop both types of setups, Ramon's felt more controlled for my driving style. When I tried out Sam's, the acceleration felt more controlled. The in practice I ran a few test modifications to both. Car seemed to lose grip a lot on full fuel and sometimes a slight bit to much acceleration out of a turn was to much for the setup. I only managed 12 laps on full fuel load and my option tires ended up in the orange. I wanted to get it to near 20 laps. So I increased front wing downforce from 3 to 5 and rear from 1 to 3. I had to use the prime tires so I didn't get a good feel for whether the new setup was working off the first lap out so I ended up pitting. If I even touched a curb with full fuel it was basically pushing my car off it rather than the car bumping over it. So I set the ride height from 1 to 3 on front and 1 to 3 on rear. Then out I went again, first 2 laps it still didn't feel to good. But then suddenly on lap 3 on those prime tires I was flying as if I was using options. Felt like I was on rails.

    Anyways, 2nd practice I tried a flying lap, was amazing, even better lap times than Ramon's setup did for me. On full fuel, the first 10 laps felt amazing. Even though around lap 8 the tires started to go yellow. Then on lap 17 they started going went orange. Did a few flying laps after on primes and low fuel, was really nice control, no where near the options though.

    P3 I didn't do to much.

    Qualifying, did a 2:01. in Q1 on primes, 1:59 in Q2 and just got into Q3 on primes, and managed a 1:57.5 in Q3 for 7th on the grid on options.

    Race, I set my strategy to Lap 18 since in P2 I noticed that was when all 4 tires were orange. I did the first stint just great, had to be careful around lap 14 cause of the wheels were losing a lot of grip, and pitted on lap 18. Got onto my primes and after 2 laps the traction was a lot better. I messed up though and was braking to hard before turn 5 where its bumping and didn't notice my front right wheel locking up. Ended up with a puncture and a long drive to get back to the pits. I did noticed after going back on options that I was locking the front right wheel at that location, so I eased off the gas in that section and used the engine and incline to slow most of my speed in that section. 1 puncture ruined my whole race haha, but was the first real race that I felt like I was racing on rails.

    So it is definitely worth looking into trying out peoples TT setups and then modifying them for race pace.
  17. Nice post Kazius! Thanks for sharing...

    last night i picked Bram´s TT setup on SPA and raised it a few notches on Spring Stifness, Camber and Toe, and guess what the car handled great. Great feeling pulling the car to the corner and in the middle of the corner also exiting the corner - great stuff!
    Then i decided to use a similar tactics on Istanbul, and it didn´t work! Harder to pull the car to the corner and on those 3 sweep turns to the left that you can take almost flat out i had to ease a lot not to come of track from the 2nd to 3rd corner. I guess it´s not so linear.
    I got a 1:25.xxx on TT and on race the best i managed was a 1:28.xxx.

    Most of setups i see here have basically 3 on Front Wing and 1 on Rear Wing mys question goes like this: Does the Wing affect that much grip? which is the most important factor that affects grip? When you put a car into a corner and he makes a wider line what can you change to correct that?

    Thanks all!
  18. are the preset setups ok to use? im not good at understanding setups or identifying where things need changing, i just wanna play the game on the hardest mode and not delve to deeply into setups if possible. would using the standard setups work ok for me?
  19. for the sprints i always just use the last preset set up and just change engine mapping to fast.
    IMO i dont use custom setups for sprint its too short a race but for online races nobody cn really give you a setup because if it doesnt suit your driving style then it is a horrible race but thats something you need to work on do you like oversteer or understeer etc i can give you some pointers if you like just pm me and would be glad to help
  20. Anthony i sent you a PM