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Changing 3D Extra Graphics to Cars

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Is there a more simple / efficient way to modify the 3D Graphics of the cars in RSRBR? I'm referring to the addition or removal of Light Pods, or having Headlights showing on or off.

    I'm currently only able to do it by manually copying the provided files from the Car Folder and adding them to the appropriate 7z file for the car pack in the RSRBR Folder. This method is quite messy.

    I've seen the 3D Manager mod under the "Lanceur d'Add Ons RSRBR" launcher, and I assume it is for doing these mods, but I have no idea how it should work. :confused:
  2. I think you should open a .set file, and then you can edit these things, but the only problem as I see, there are no .set files. :D
  3. My 3D Manager works for all the cars having a .set in the "program" subfolder of the car. Starting 3D Manager you then select the specific car folder/program/*.set and can then switch between different options and apply the to the car.

    Currently I've found set files for:


    I've not tried all of them but a few and found the Volvo242LE not working,

    Seems like the contents of the "program" folder is done by the person having written the 3D manager program.

    EDIT: Just found out that it works for the Volvo as well if you start it from My3DManager.exe in the program subfolder to the car. So if you find it not working for a specific car launching the 3D manager from the "Lanceur d'Add On RSRBR" interface start it directly in the program subfolder for the specifc car.
  4. What Krister said, there's an .exe in the car subfolder, start it, load the .set, and just click what you want.

    Speaking of... Why aren't you in the rally club yet Krister? :tongue:
  5. Just did the RSRBR2011 upgrade and time might talk for a come back to join in as one of the old chaps (together with Warren:)), although I will classify as one of the backmarker brigade. Can't make it though for the RD series for BFR as I already know I will miss out at least two events.
  6. If you're talking about missing an event or two in league - no problems with that. There is no limit of players, so you're welcome to sign in and compete in as many events as you'd like/can (but preferably more than one and surely not in none ;)).
  7. Thanks for 3D Manager info Krister. :thanks:

    I hadn't checked for many other cars, I tried a few but obviously none had .set files. I was wanting to use it for the Subaru Impreza S14 (WRC-08) to add the "lights on" graphic. I didn't look right driving at night with the lights off.

    Now, if only I knew how to make a .set file. :wink:
  8. In a lot of the car folders there are different options for lights, spoilers and so forth. For instance; in the last club rally I found the big light pod on the nose of the Punto quite distracting (and frankly ugly too), so I copied the .ini files from the C:\Program Files\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\Cars\g.punto_s2000\exra_light_off into the main g.punto_s2000 folder, overwriting the pre-existing ones and hey presto, lights are gone!
  9. I had a quick look at the .set file and what it contains is labels and settings found in the .ini files. So My3DManager updates the .ini files (you name them in the .set file) based on what you select in the program. Should be possible to create for other cars but would probably require "some" hours of work. Don't know though (have not looked at) how to get the graphics shown in the program.
  10. Hi guys! I have a problem put headlights on the C4.
    Even when i'm put lights on in the rs center,it's doesn't shows in the graphics in the game.
    Any clue?
    PS. Only problem with the C4,every other car works with the set files.
  11. Are you referring to the C4 or the C4_08 ?
    If you are referring to the C4, it looks to me that you will need to copy the relevant .ini files (c4.ini and c4_settings.ini) from the relevant Folder (eg. light_on_with_bonnet_ramp) into the main C4 Folder, over-writing the originals.
  12. I have problem both...C4 and C4-08
    Thanks...i will try your advice Warren.
  13. I've not tested it, but for the C4_08, it looks like the 3D Manager program should do it for you.
    Go to your RBR Folder\Cars\C4_08\Program\ and launch My3DManager.
    Set the language (english)
    Under Options, set the path to "E:\Richard Burns Rally\Cars\C4_08\Program\C4_2008.set"
    Then you should be able to select the graphic optons you want, and hit "Apply this on the car".

    For some reason, the C4 isn't setup for 3D Manager, so it has to be done manually.