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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)


Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    we have receipt some complaints for using Kialamy and Adria (not legal conversions for GTR Evo) in the STC schedule and we have decided to change and substitute this circuits.

    Race days will remain the same, but as making an schedule is not as easy as pick new tracks to substitute that 2, possibly we will do some re adjustment to get the best pack of tracks, and I promise we are working really hard to get it done.

    More news will come in the next days.

  2. It's a bit late for that? We already have our schedules worked out and would have to adjust them if the tracks are changed. Must it be done and are these complaints from inside STC?
  3. What substitue tracks are you thinking of?
  4. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    No discussion on this as are complaints from outside STC and related to copyright owners. STC is growing and attracting attention and this has the god and the bad side.

    We are trying to substitute them with really interesting ports from rfactor, more info in the following days.

  5. OK guys, this is the final schedule for 2010. All the tracks have full permission on his conversion, specially on Daytona and Le Mans permissions have been granted in exclusive for STC.

    We have done a serious attempt to keep the same model/kind of circuits than in the original schedule so no team will be disadvantaged on the changes. Understand that after see Kiallamy and Adria fall from the list, the schedule was not compatct anymore, and it really needed an improvement.

    All the circuits have been modified to grant no cutting on confilcitive corners with what I call "anti cutting curbs", without needed to listen the annoying warning. Also, we have updated Spa Francorchamps to the current version with the new chicane and have renamed all the files of the circuits to avoid you missmateches if you need to join a server with a non modified version of the circuit.

    The schedule will be like this (racing days are the same only circuits have been changed).

    SCHEDULE 2010
    1.- Bahrain
    2.- Algarve
    3.- Le Mans (Current Layout)
    4.- Sugo
    5.- Daytona (Infield)
    6.- Mid Ohio
    7.- Trois Rivieres
    8.- Hockenheim
    9.- Donington Park
    10.- Spa Francorchamps (Current Layout)

    I hope you like and appreciate the effort.

    Big thanks to the STC track wizard, Max Boithias who have spent several hours working and improving the circuits.
  6. So now we have a totally new track roster. This is not good news since we've already figured out the drivers pretty much for the whole season and now it has to be done all over again. Also I don't understand why some tracks that have not been changed have switched places.
  7. Looks great David. :smile:
  8. Ye this is not good at all as we have allready arranged our rosters. You guys said 2 tracks had to be changed with other tracks (Kialamy and Adria only) but instead the whole roster has been changed just when the season is about to get under way. There's also Le Mans added which tottatly ruins the cars we picked. Some of us teams picked cars based on the calendar and asked nicely if you could replace the ones you had to with similar type tracks.
  9. Damian, I never said to substitute only 2 tracks, I am quoting myself in the first post.

    Le Mans compared to Paul Ricard is not that big change, or you missed there was Paul Ricard in the Schedule when you picked your car? The only diference between Paul Ricard and Le Mans is that in Le Mans you make 1 lap when at Paul Ricard you make 2. :D Both circuits are damned fast.

    In my opinnion You should vary your speech from time to time or I will get used to your negativity and I will not pay attention anymore guys, don´t take me wrong I am half joking. ;)

    Compare the old and new circuits:
    Bahrain - Bahrain
    Algarve - Algarve
    Paul Ricard - Le Mans *We had the chance of get exclusive permission for Le Mans. Couldn´t miss that chance.
    Kialamy - Mid Ohio *Kialamy was a forced change due to permission.
    Adria - Sugo *Adria was a forced change due to permission.
    Long Beach - Trois Rivieres *We liked Trois Rivieres and Long Beach is not the best circuit (talking about graphics).
    Donington Park - Donington Park
    Spa Francorchamps - Spa Francorchamps
    Hockenheim - Hockenheim

    You really see that big diference between the old and new schedule? Becaus I can´t see big diferences, more or less, the kind of circuits are the same.

    Why have we changed some other tracks? We wanted to emulate a real world championship, visiting diferent parts of the world with a logichall order, so when Kialamy and Adria drop we where forced to readjust the full schedule (and adding some cool circuits in the same chance), so there is a North American tour in the midle after visitng Japan in the pacific.

    Belive it or not, but we have done a serious attempt to bring the best possible combination to make it feel real, don´t harm any team changing the kind of circuits, and taking care of the weather starting from south to north.


  10. Well i do feel for Damain.

    Luckly we had no roster yet, but if we had i wasn't happy at all.
    There goes alot of work in organising stuff and its never pleasant seeing you have to redo it. (think you understand that one david :wink::wink: ).

    I like the tracks themselves though.
    Long Beach sucked, but why not use detroit street that would have been more logical as its same type of circuit.
    Then again Mid ohio is great just not so logical as you wanted a street circuit :tongue: .

    Nice schedule though.
  11. Trois Rivieres is a street circuit. :smile:
    And i think David also is not pleasant to redo it. But he had no choice and had to deal with it, like we all have to deal with it that we need to make some changes to our roster.
  12. I understand, but race days are still the same.

    The reason why we refused use Detroit was because in our attemp to make it real we can´t use a 1988 race track, that´s all.
    Mid Ohio is great as you say and as Ivo says Trois Riviers makes the work for street circuit. :)

    If you take a look we have done a mix of circuits used in endurance events like Daytona, Spa or Le Mans, with others used in SuperGT, GT1 or ALMS. I think it is a very good schedule, with good circuits for all the cars.
  13. I see where you're coming from David but making all these changes when the season is supposed to start in about 3 weeks is not a good thing. Also that quote you made does sound to me like you're replacing 2 tracks and maybe rearranging the rest...not that you're changing half of the tracks.

    Ok so we have 10 races in the season of which 50% has now been changed without consulting any of the teams. I thought there was this thing called WAR...weren't the teams supposed to have a say in something.

    I completely understand replacing Adria and Kyalami. I don't even care that much what the replacements are as long as they are working tracks for online racing. What I don't understand however are the 3 other replacements.

    Long Beach: You changed this because of bad gfx?? You didn't notice this when choosing the tracks in the first place, and why Trois Rivieres, who's this "we" who like it so much?

    Paul Ricard: A very good track and quote "had the best racing last season". You changed this because you could get Le Mans exclusively (this magically appear?)...well exclusive is good but having good racing is just in a different league when it comes to good. I just don't see any point in this replacement.

    Elkhart Lake: Again a very nice track was replaced by Daytona. You forgot to meantion why this was done. I don't see any reason for this replacement and even the goal of making the roster realistic doesn't explain this.

    I am sorry for sounding negative but for me this is a really negative thing.
  14. Respect your opinion Mikko.
  15. Ah ok didn't know that. Shame detroit is awesome. Don't know Trois Riviers.

    yeah i wondered to why to ditch Road America for Daytone. Road America is a great track.
  16. I think you will like Trois Rivieres Tom it is used in the Canadian Nascar. It is simple, urban and short, so there we will have really close racing (or I expect that :D).
  17. I wanted to add Daytona because it is diferent, it is an oval with great bankings and an infield, it is unique in the schedule. Road America is really cool but was adding nothing new on the calendar.
  18. interesting changes, have posted 'em on home forum, luckily our planning is haphazard on the best of days, so it doesn't matter too much. Pity, though, to see my favourite track (Ricard) of the season gone. Not to worry, though.
  19. One of the reasson to substitute Paul Ricard (apart of the chance of adding Le Mans) was the minidumps we had in the start of the last race of the last seasson (remeber them?), where some guys and even the broadcast lossed conection to the server, so we had not a good feeling about the circuit.

    In fact I thought about let the schedule with Paul Ricard as this circuit is in all the GT clandars, and that "mini dump" point made me change it finally.
  20. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Well, we had to change 2 traks, and we decided to change two more, so is not half the schedule, is two more tracks, because 2 had to be changed. This means 2 from 8 tracks, it's a 25%.

    Not for the calendar since we agreed before in remove the "home GP" to have a stable and nicer calendar.

    That's because you are not seeing the calendar as a whole. We had to replace two, and we looked for similar alternatives, but they weren't, so to balance the calendar again we had to convert tracks from other sims and rework them. The aim was not to mantain tracks, but to make a similar calendar in overall, considering different types of tracks and how they are positioned in the schedule.

    Le Mans 2004, actual layout, was never in Evo, and honestly, I don't think Paul Ricard is even close to what Le Mans means in racing and how it fits GT racing, but this is not the reason for the change.

    Paul Ricard is good track, but it uses to fail with more than 25 people inside the server as we could see in last years, so this is a change I forced for this reason, nothing to do with David or racing.

    For two main reasons:

    - Balance the fast/slow tracks
    - Daytona is very special track, famous for GT racing, and with unique characteristics we want to see on STC.

    To be honest, we already know this changes would be unpopular as normally every change it is, but if real F1 doesn't stop changing things during all the season, and they talk about physic things, I don't know why we should when at the end leads to competition quality improvements.

    I understand is not easy for you to face changes, but also is not easy for us to dedicate several hours to something you know won't be popular at all in short term, but he have to live with it :)

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