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Changes At Fugl Racing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Peter_Westh, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Despite the lack of Qualifying results, Fugl Racing is not giving up. some changes have been made in the team. Academy Driver Bryan van Berlo have made a move to the main fugl team, as Karl Tanel Lukken has
    stepped down and quitted sim racing.

    Because of that, the Academy Team can proudly present the two new drivers, Tomas Mikata and Robert Crone, who will try have some fun in the car. Robert Will make his debute at this weekends challenging race at Monaco.
    Sadly Tomas has to Skip Monaco, as he is not able to race cause a broken hand.

    Even the Fugl racing team cars have got an update, as the new team logo have been added to the enginecover.

    To end it all, Danni has finally finished his Monaco Special helmet, that shows the famous hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, who is a unic piece of glamour as monaco is.

    Even though the Monaco Grand Prix is by far the most challenging of them all, Fugl Racing is positiv before the weekend, and looks forward to race through the famous streets.
  2. The new car is looking sexy :p looking forward to tomorrows race and seeing it in action!
  3. LOL. the forum sais unvalid URL. so the URL is bieng added now
  4. Still unvalid URL for me :(
  5. Thats one hell of a helmet skin xD Nice :)
  6. thanks. sadly it didnt make it to the mod before the race so it has to wait for next year :D
  7. Who designed it Danni? You should change the top of the helmet and keep the actual design on the back as it is really nice :)
  8. maybe for other special races. but im gonna use the usual one, as its my real life helmet too