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Changeable weather

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I have not heard from Daniel yet (and I have not asked him either, he knows where we are), so as it looks now we have to do it ourselves if we want changeable weather. Either way Daniel have done more than can be expected from anyone not participating in the league :)

    It can be a bit fun acctually, to make our own weather; what we need to do is:
    a)decide the percentage chance of rain at the various venues
    b)among ourselves make 20-100 different rain scenarios
    c) then we will place copies of all our rain-scenario-weather-files (20-100) in one folder for each race and add the needed amount of default-weather-files to make the desired possibillity for rain for the various tracks
    d) For each race I would pick a random file and load it into the server without knowing myself.

    A weather file is easy to manually adjust and make copies of, I would guess it takes between 5-10 minutes to make one. And it might be fun as well, making the weather you think would be cool to have. Lastly we could use mydrive to facilitate the exchange of files in the production process, I can give everybody write permissions.

    And it would not hurt if all the weather files was viewable and obtainable to all, after all that would be fair to all, and with 20-100 files it is limited how much help it will be to study them.

    So question is, do we all wish to have unpredictable changeable weather if we have to make it ourselves? The more weather files we have, the better the unpredictabillity will be.
  2. I am in favour of the odd splash around race. So whatever needs to be done then let us get on with it yeah! :)
  3. I have uploaded the weather files that Daniel made the two last seasons and also created a folder for season 8 where weather files can be uploaded (we can ofcourse use the 18 files that we already have from the last two seasons to spice up the mix). Also I have given everybody right to add files and folders at mydrive now.

    I think the clue is that we need enough files to make it very hard to "recognise" weather files early in the event.

    Btw, if anybody knows the absolute values used in the weather.txt then please post them here. I think it is:
    At condition 70% it rains and everything above it rains more. I am unsure about how this affect the wetness on the track. At condition 69/ and less I do not think it rains, although there might be dark clouds.
    One can also adjust wetness on and off track at the start of the session. Temps I suggest we continue to leave alone.

    NB, a weather file looks like this (this is a small part from the start of qual, the whole file includes all sessions):



    What one needs to do is to edit the Conditions=xx.xx numbers. Minutes can also be edited to suit your timing, but AmbientTemp should stay at 20.
  4. great idea
    I just googled around and found these 2 programs both are for gtr2 but apparantly race07 and gtr2 are using the exact same weather system so shouldnt be a problem. :) (result files look pretty much the same too)
    Especially the 1st one seems to be a great way to create weather very quickly by hand.
    About the 2nd one... I dont know how good the generated weather can become if you set it up right in the config.txt, if it works well that could be even easier because the program creates the weather for you and adds even more randomness.
    I just downloaded and tested them a couple of minutes so these are only first impressions I got


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  5. Hi Jonas! Where to export the wheather.txt file? ... cant find any weather.txt file in "race07" or "race07ds" folder (steam version)
  6. It is in the Users\*your comp name*\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\UserData\LOG folder in win7
    Similar in XP etc except is named "My Documents" instead of Documents.

    It should be the same for the Dedi Server. I think you have to set the Weather.txt file to "read only" after you copy/ paste it there; or it did use to re-write it back to default settings.
  7. Happy to contribute weather files. How are you planning on handling weather forecasts? You are probably already aware of the web app on Sweedish Simracers page that takes a weather file and produces a weather forecast for each session with a range of uncertainty. http://www.swedishsimracers.com/index.php?page=weather-forcast
  8. Ggreat idea Nico !
  9. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    How large time span must the files cover? 1 hour 40 minutes, is that enough?
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  10. About the programs:
    A few years ago I tried to use Autosim Weather Generator but found that it made tiny mistakes/differences from the original weather file in the game, that's why I started to do it manually, because it took as much time to track down and correct the errors as it did to do it without the program.
    However, they may have corrected this by now :)

    About the time span, it is self explanatory. It is divided up in sessions, qual must be atleast 6 min, race at least 1h and 15 min maybe!?
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  11. Thanks a lot Peter!
    Its working! ... offline and also on dedi server;)

    Didnt see yet if people who connect get the same weather as i do cause they dont have the weather file ... but i could see it when i connected to dedi server without having the file in my Race07 User folder ... so probably they dont need to have the file??
  12. If you use changeable weather on a dedicated server everybody that joins that server will have the same changeable weather, iow only the server needs the file :)
  13. There is a problem!:)

    Practice and qualifiyng works perfect but when race starts its allways sun shinning no mather how many thunders i put on ... and i can only setup the weather for race1 and not for race2 ... i read somewhere the race must have 100 minutes to work ... i tryed but didnt work either

    can you guys help me on this? ... i really want to make some nice weather changes for the server
  14. When I use the weather generator, which was built for GTR2 I have to do the following with the created txt-file:

    - make it writeable
    - search the word "qualify1" and rename it into "qualify"
    - search the word "race" and rename it into "race1"
    - close and safe the file
    - make it write protected again!!!

    Try this Jorge. :)
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  15. Thanks Reik. What a great recipe :) Now that one can use the program it will be much easier to make enough files to make it perfect :)
  16. If someone want's to take charge/be in charge of the weather it would be super. I had a quick look at the web-page in the quote and it looked very interesting.
  17. Thanks Reik!
    Its working;)

    Also found out how to make it for Race 2:
    . make another weather file for race 2
    . copy-paste into the final weather file (after Race1) and rename "Race" to "Race2"
  18. that's the trick :)

    btw: If I remember right, there's a little issue when downloading such a custom txt file. When I sent such a created txt file to Peter Duivelaar in the past, he never got Race07 to use this file. After endless research we noticed, that the txt file wasn't write protected anymore after he downloaded it from his E-Mail client. So you better check that all time after downloading a weather txt.

    ATTENTION: I just downloaded a txt file from mydrive.ch to prove my memories and the downloaded txt file was indeed not write protected! (at least for me) So maybe it was uploaded already without write protection or it's a general slight issue...(?)
  19. The weather files I uploaded were not write protected. If that is because Daniel didn't write protect them before he sent them to me on email, or if it is the process itself that un-protects it I do not know. I'll upload a write protected weather file to mydrive now, and we'll see what happens :)