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Change the Horizon graphic

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by slots2014, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    being new to BTB and track building I n
    eed some help.
    I have designed some fantasy tracks of the "Yorkshire Dales' using google maps to
    replicate the roads complete with elevations etc in a KML file for import to BTB.
    I need a background of mountainous terrain instead of the default in BTB.
    My question is, can this be done and how. I look forward to any suggestion.
  2. It is possible. I made one a few months ago called European Hills:

    It's not hard to make your own once you understand the structure. Use 3DSimEd to view a BTB track. You can view other tracks too, but they may have a different structure. Isolate the sky dome. You can then isolate the individual components to see what they are.

    If you look in the SCN file you'll see that four objects are used. skyboxi is a simple shape with a transparent texture. It's main purpose seems to be to contain the others. Within the CLOUDS instance there is horizon.gmt (a cylinder with landscape textures), NightLight00Glow, whose name causes it to be illuminated at night, and Sky, which is the dome. The code is generated by BTB upon each export, so if you don't want horizon lights, you still have to create the object, just make it empty (e.g. with a transparent texture), otherwise you'll have to edit the code each time you export.

    Each time you export, BTB takes BobsTrackBuilder\Support\rFactor\Sky.mas and copies it to your track directory. When you make your own sky, you can put the files in a mas file (using Mas.exe from the development tool pack version 2 from here) and replace the one that comes with BTB.
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  3. Thanks for you very informative reply to my problem. I will explore this and let you know how I get on. Again many thanks
  4. also there a rfactor mod out called RFE skypack & tutorial, which can do this with a bit of editing after you completed your track made by kittx on http://www.nogripracing.com/index.php it has many skyboxes/moutains and clouds files.and is really simply to edited.
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  5. Thank banger, I will try this as well and see how we go.
    again many thanks
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