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Change texture of existing object?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nferraz, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to change the tire texture from the default xpack. I need to make a string of tire walls with alternating colours, 8 green and 8 white. How can I do this please. I have the textures from another xpack but am not able to edit material from default object.

    Thank you
  2. hi, you can unzip the xpack, and in xpacker, rename it and change colours in tyre sobject, but i dont like this way, because I think you can not change names, so its a bit confusing, I use 3dsimed to extract the object, and the you can name it "green tyre", export as 3ds, change textures etc..., and create and xpack starting from zero.

  3. thx very much, will try that
  4. hi I cant seem to import the file, it is in xml format after i extract the xpack. When i import it to 3dsimed nothing appears , some help please, I am not used to working with 3d objects
  5. Wouldn't it be much easier for someone to just release an xpack with different colour tyres in it?
  6. HI, NO!!, sorry I m afraid i did not explain very good, i was describing 2 ways, I think you ve got 3dsimed, ok lets follow that way and forgot the xpack.

    1- in btb make a simple track, and put the object you want to extract
    2- Export the btb track to rfactor
    3- Open the track SCN file with 3dsimed.
    4- Select the object, and isolate
    5- Now, you can save it as gmt or 3ds, and here you can change textures, the problem is, the texture that you want to give to the object, must be good enought
    6- now you can import the 3ds file to Xpacker
    7- end,

    enjoy your new object!!

  7. hi davesta, i glad to "read" something about you, you were in racesimforum as most of as!!!, ok, of course i would be easier, but what about doing yourself!!!, your own objects, textures, giving your track an special "touch", making it different???
    It spends more time, but the satisfaction is more, for me!!!

  8. thx for you r help and time spent. I have tried many ways and have to say I give up :)
    . I tried many different ways of doing this but when I open BTB my object never appears. I think it is because of the texture. I made the object exactly with the same parameters and properties as the original object but my edited DDS file is always different from original ."miplevels- 1", and original files are 10 and 9. I think this may be the problem. I guess i jut have to stick to existing objects. thx anyway.
  9. Ok well, I finally got it to work. All i had to do was copy modified xpack to venue folder.

    Thx again for all the help