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Change Names in Menu for Sic-Mod 2014

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by CalicoJack, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Hey! like in MotoGP 2013 i've started to create a Simoncelli mod for MotoGP14. the painting is no problem! But i cant find the file with the driver names. any idear? BTW where can i find the driver picture in menu? cant find that either!

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  2. Driver names are in menu/text/(your language)/DB.ZTS
    Driver pictures probably in GFXPAK.MIX, but I don't know which folder exactly - it could be a problem with editing this part of the game, so make a copy this .MIX file :)

    Great helmet for Simoncelli! Hope you share this! :)
    About San Carlo Honda Gresini - one of this forum's users created bike for Sic, but not helmet - it would be great connection!
  3. Thank you! found everything i need! i've planed to paint my own bike, so i dont think i will take the other one. I always copy my files! ;-) Thx

    Dont know if i relaese my work! first i have to finish all. let's see what happens then!

    have finished the helmet and the visor yesterday. the pics dont shows the finished helmet!
  4. Nice to know that you found everything :) and hope you share helmet soon :D
  5. Bike is done, but i still can't change the names! i've found the files. but i still got error messages! i need a helping hand!

    Btw: bike is done: still some things to do! here some shots:

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  6. Looks fantastic!
    Can you tell me what error messages you get? Do you mean errors when running a game or when do you try to edit file?
    Please, take a photo :)
  7. I'm able to edit the files with the hex Editor, delete bautista and ad simoncelli but i the game does'nt start.
  8. It crashed when running is intro?
    It might be caused, because you replaced dot with letter, I mean:
    .B.a.u.t.i.s.t.a..... to

    When you replace in this file dot with letter - it may crash.
    Maybe try change to Simonceli (one letter less, but it may crash too) or SuperSic. Hope you have backup - copy (of course: I don't mean "cut" :D) backup to correct folder and try once again. :)
    If you have still problem, I will try to change it. :)
  9. i've tried everything. usually i dont write it in letters, i use hex code (left side)! there i dont use a dot sign. i write it as a code! even in letters it does'nt work! the writing is correct. but i'm afraid there are some links between the name and some ather used files (pics datas aso...) witch cant be found without changing them either! i know these problems from many other games.
  10. Changing name doesn't damage on pictures of riders, etc.
    I know that because I changed a half of MotoGP riders and it works correctly.
    If you send me your backup of DB.ZTS file (because mine is edited) from your language folder, I will try to change it. :)
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
  11. Try this maybe help you :
    After extract MENU.MIX, go to folder TEXT and then open folder UKENGLISH.
    Find DB.ZTS, change name rider choose you want.
    Sorry for my bad english
  12. already tried! no Access! I can't Change names! :-(