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change buttons thrustmaster F1 gearbox and problem sli max manager

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by giuseppe imbrogno, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Hello Guys I also ask here I open one thread to ask for two pieces of information:

    1) someone has changed the buttons on the steering wheel thrustmaster F1 wheel add-on with the knitter? any solution?

    I would like to change these:


    putting the knitter. a solution type this, has anyone tried it?



    anyone has similar photos or ideas?

    2) The second question is about the max sli manager, I upgraded to the latest version with previous versions did not happen

    use sli-pro and F1, 2013, practically setting the amount of KERS in seventh gear on the green LEDs go out, can you tell me if it is a setting of the program or a bug?

    thanks to all ...
  2. Hi,

    Use NKK switches, the Knitters are too hard in my opinion. And you press them often. I swapped mine, just like you say and it's great.

    I don't know the answer to your second question. I use the rev lights for revs and. Kerbs value quick assigned to the left display so it is visible counting down as soon as you press kers.

  3. Hello jessun, perhaps you meant to use the knitter that are lighter? because between the two nkk VS knitter, nkk are the ones where you need more force to press ...., maybe you explained it hurt?

    do you have any pictures of your mod?

    for the second question with F1 2013 seventh gear the LEDs do not work with the latest update of the sli max managers, while with previous works .....

    do you know if it is some setting of slimax manager or a setting?
  4. Haha, so sorry got them mixed up!

    I'll see what version I run, and sorry, no pictures, I just made a small metal bracket to hold the switch in place inside.
  5. :) :) So you used the knitter?
  6. Hi ! Found an image!


  7. thanks a lot ... :)

    you cut the area of the springs to put the rotary switch?
  8. Precisely!
  9. Hi giuseppe can you to send me your email?