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Championship S5-R5 Spanish Grand Prix - 9/02/14

Discussion in 'Xbox One | F1 Championship' started by Karl Fuss, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Championship Spanish Grand Prix - Sunday Feb 9 - 7:30pm

    Lobby open at 7:15, Race Start 7:30 GMT

    Sign ups 48 hours before race 7:30 Friday, Reserves will then be offered any free race seats.

    Please sign up as follows Name / Gamertag / Constructor

    Assists - None
    Distance 100%

    Host - Mark Torres / Faux News 79

    Backup Host -Chris B | chja00111

    Sign up's:
    1 - Chris Benham | chja00111 | Scuderia
    2 - Phil Moran/crafty gun/ rbr
    3 - Peter Evans / PullThePlug666 / Caterham
    4 - Matthew Booth/Boothy116/Force India
    5 - Chris Hempsall/TheHemps/McLaren
    6 - Maciej Cieslak / klamca / Sauber
    7 - Eric Jaeger/Jaegermeister34/Merc
    8 - Jamie Cottage/Jay ITFC/Caterham
    9 - Jan-Willem Sieveking/Scing/McLaren
    10 - Callum Jeffcoate/Calzonie/Force India
    11 - GrahamJarvis/Jarv027/Mercedes
    12 - Rob Carver / Carver3689 / Lotus
    13 - Bart de Laat / StampKiep / Red Bull
    14 -
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2014
  2. Gutted that I won't be able to make this one, Catalunya is one of my favorites. Going to be in Almost Canada for the weekend. Good luck gents!
  3. Chris Benham | chja00111 | Scuderia
  4. Hi guys sorry not been around for a bit me and my girlfriend after 10yes split up so trying to get a house for me and my daughter sorted hopefully I should be able to race just playing each day at a time
    Phil Moran/crafty gun/ rbr
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  5. PullThePlug666 / Caterham
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  6. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Thats a tough situation Philip. I hope things work out for you smoothly.
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  7. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Been there mate so my best wishes are with you and I hope you get things sorted out as quickly as possible.
  8. Matthew Booth/Boothy116/Force India
  9. Cheers guys yea bit of a **** situation made worse she has left me I'm £10000 worth of dept but will get through it done how look forward to racing and taking my mind off it
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  10. The fun thing about debt is...It isn't real if you don't think about it.
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  11. Chris Hempsall/TheHemps/McLaren
  12. Lol, I've tried that one but the bank keeps reminding me every month:mad:
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  13. Not always practical, but sometimes filing for bankruptcy is a doable way of getting on top of that kind of thing. Sorry about what you're going through Philip. Annoying to hear, but sometimes things can only get better. I hate it when people say that to me if I'm in a very deep situation; but afterwards it almost makes sense
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  14. Cheers lads yea try to ignore it but banks won't let me twats lol they remind me everyday at the min. Would go bankrupt but then have to close business down which is just starting to make decent profit after 4yrs of making an ok profit but still an option lesson learnt don't let a women handle paying bills. Well it can't get any worse so onwards and upwards is only way forward
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  15. Sign the business over to your mother or someone you trust.
    Give everything you think is valuable to brothers, sisters anyone you
    know won't shaft you.

    DO NOT LEAVE A PAPER TRAIL. Give it all away for free (You're not really giving it away)

    Declare bankruptcy, live life as normal, wait 7 years, get all your **** back (that you never really got rid of anyway)

    Any money the business makes is not liable for creditors or penaltys during the 7 years because it ain't your business :D

    Anything you want to buy in the 7 years put down in a relatives name, thats everything from a house to a mobile phone contract.
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  16. Sound advice there Chris. I've known a few go down that route. Thought it was 6 years though?
  17. Maciej Cieslak

    Maciej Cieslak
    Roberto Forza !!!

    Maciej Cieslak / klamca / Sauber
    I don't want be smart but I would not try bankruptcy for 10 000 Pounds.
    I believe that if you show good will to pay some amount of money every week they can't touch you goods.
    or may be I am wrong...
    I hope Philip your bad energy will be transfer to hard work and all things will sort out.
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  18. Mmmmmmmm now this is a very gd idea well worth considering
  19. Eric Jaeger

    Eric Jaeger
    2012 GP2 Champion

    Eric Jaeger/Jaegermeister34/Merc
  20. Jamie Cottage/Jay ITFC/Caterham

    Staying with friends again Saturday night couple of hours away but fully expect to be back for the race Sunday evening. If I'm late don't wait.
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