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Championship S5-R4 Bahrian Grand Prix - 26/01/2014

Discussion in 'X360 | F1 Championship' started by Karl Fuss, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    Championship Bahrain Grand Prix - Sunday Jan 26 - 7:30pm

    Lobby open at 7:15, Race Start 7:30 GMT

    Sign ups 48 hours before race 7:30 Friday, Reserves will then be offered any free race seats.

    Please sign up as follows Name / Gamertag / Constructor

    Assists - None
    Distance 100%

    Host - Chris B | chja00111?
    We need to find the best host. Please post your http://www.speedtest.net/ results with your sign up.

    Backup Host -

    Sign up's:
    1 - Peter Evans / Caterham
    2 - Chris Benham | chja00111 | Scuderia
    3 - Matthew Booth/Boothy116/Force India
    4 - Mark Torres / Faux News 79 / Lotus
    5 - Jan-Willem Sieveking/Scing
    6 - Zach Plummer | RallyKingCMR7 | Scuderia Benham
    7 - Maciej Cieslak / klamca / sauber
    8 - GrahamJarvis/Jarv027/Mercedes
    9 - Rob Carver / Carver3689 / Lotus
    10 - Eric Jaeger/Jaegermeister34/Merc
    11 - Callum Jeffcoate/Calzonie/Force India
    12 - Jamie Cottage / Jay ITFC (team not yet confirmed)
    13 - Chris Hempsall / TheHemps / McLaren
    14 -
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  2. Peter Evans / Caterham

    My download and upload aren't worth going near.. About 7 at best download, 1 at best upload
  3. Chris Benham | chja00111 | Scuderia

    I don't mind hosting again, but perhaps we need to try some other hosts as well. China wasn't exactly smooth for some
  4. Matthew Booth/Boothy116/Force India

    Yeah im not hosting my connection is awful yet i never disconnect in online lobbies. :O_o:
  5. Mark Torres / Faux News 79 / Lotus
  6. Jan-Willem Sieveking/Scing
  7. Zach Plummer | RallyKingCMR7 | Scuderia Benham
  8. Maciej Cieslak

    Maciej Cieslak
    Roberto Forza !!!

    Maciej Cieslak / klamca / sauber
  9. GrahamJarvis/Jarv027/Mercedes
  10. Rob Carver / Carver3689 / Lotus
  11. If i had a wired connection i would host...if only there was a way i could move the router to the spare room :(
  12. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    Can't you run a wire temporarily on Sundays... ?
  13. I think i may give that a go Karl - been looking on ebay and i can get a 15 meter ethernet cable for a fiver. Certainly worth a try

    Do you think it would make much of a different running a wired connection as opposed to me using my wifi adapter for xbox?
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  14. Eric Jaeger

    Eric Jaeger
    2012 GP2 Champion

    Eric Jaeger/Jaegermeister34/Merc
  15. How much of a difference it makes will depend on a lot of things, but wired is always better.
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  16. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    like Mark says, plus it just eliminates an element that may or may not cause an issue.
  17. I don't think there has ever been anything to prove that wireless causes any particular issues. We've had disconnections from people on both wired and wireless connections. I remember one of the worst lagging cases we saw was from someone on a wired connection some time ago.
  18. Ive only ever DC'ed three times in 4 seasons and all 3 of those occasions was when I tried moving to the spare room and using the WiFi adaptor. But thats not to say that WiFi categorically causes any issues for others.
  19. Callum Jeffcoate/Calzonie/Force India
  20. My comment was referring to a wired connection in general. Not specifically to this game. With that said, wired is always better.

    If everyone had the same router, modem, wires, and speeds, a wired connection would always be better than a wireless. Obviously not everyone has the same hardware, so there are going to be outliers. What you're referring to has a lot more to it than whether the person was on a wired or wireless connection. It could have been a combination of a poor router, modem, wires, and up/down speeds. That he was on a wired connection is irrelevant.
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