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Championship points?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rapala, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. I'm rather confused as I just started a championship, came third in my 1st race, but am currently 12th in the championship. Is this because you also get points for quali and I skipped the quali and started from the back?
  2. Championship mode is currently broken.

    There was some talk recently of a temporary fix (thought that thread seems to have disappeared), and a longer term fix may take some while due to the way the code is being done.
  3. wow what a bummer, I was so excited that this game has championships as I find the one off racing like in rfactor 2 rather meaningless.
  4. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    You can use a separate tool or a spreadsheet to simulate a championship, though. I've been doing that and it works rather well.

  5. I hear ya
    However, the cars, tracks and Ai for the most part are of such good quality that I still find it a great sim to spend time with, but yeah, really want to start some Champs.
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  6. ok I think I figured out what I did wrong. I did a test and started another quick championship, skipped quali, came 1st in a 2 lap race (yeh 70% ai, Im no alien ;) ) and at the end of the race clicked 'finish session'. I was correctly displayed as the leader after 1 race. Previously I had finished the race and just exited without pressing 'finish session'.

    So as far as I can see it is working ok. poet in what way is championships broken for you?
  7. Not sure what you did, it's been an acknowledged bug for some time now.
    When I finish a race I can't click on finish session, can only exit the session, when I do I get random points.
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  8. Yeah it's ridiculous that such an obvious bug hasn't been given priority. And it's not even a complicated gameplay issue, but rather simple points/results logic.

    @Reiza Studios do you have any comments on this? The issue has existed for maybe at least a year now, probably longer.
  9. There was a prior thread with comments from Reiza (appears to have been deleted, though I can guess why).

    Basically it's to do with the way they inject code into the engine.
    It's why some of the new features (chassis flex etc) are still yet to be included.

    It's like a cumulative effect, the more they've done the harder it is to go back and fix these things.

    As I posted, there was talk of a temporary solution, I'm guessing that's off the cards (which is probably why the thread got deleted), so we just have to wait and see.
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  10. Hey all. I have a problem with a custom championship where I think all points are being calculated by combining qualification position and race position! Anybody else cone across this? After one race I had 31 points, which was 30 for 1st in quali and I was first to retire gaining 1 point for last equaling 31. Please help!
  11. Exactly! It's like there scoring for the qualifying grid that are added to the end of the race grid.
  12. It has been explained by Reiza - there is a bug, they are working on fixing it, it should be sorted in the next update. It's best to score your season with an external utility until then.
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  13. *Orders new glasses.