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Championship Calculator

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Alain Becker, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker

    Hi Everbody!

    Because i got a flu (damn hard, need to take Penicillin :( ) I'm not driving at this Moment...
    Vettel is my Rival and i got only 1 Point more than he so i don't want to ruin my "maybe" Contract from Red Bull ;-)

    I got another question (maybe stupid but i really can't think at this moment with all the drugs inside me).

    I am a SW Developer and want to make a little tool to calculate "how many point i still need to become Champion" (something in that way).

    PLEASE can someone make me the calculation ;-)
    I'm really not able to do it right now but need the formula for the program :)

    Let say : How many points i need at LEAST to become Champion .
    Let's say if your Rival (so the 2nd in the Drivers Championship is always on place 2 at the end of the race and win every race).
    At what point / how big the difference has to be to be able to say : whatever happens now he can't beat me whatever he does now.

    I know Vettel needs only a 5 place for the next race to become Champion but at this moment i only have access to the internet via a old phone so i don't have the chance to look on the internet right now and again I'm not able to to math right now :/

    Just want to finish the little program :)

    Thanks in advance