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Champions mode (thumbs up to CM!)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Rob Stone, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. I have to say, I wasn't that fussed about it pre-release, but I've had a blast on it on Hard and it was really good fun. Finally (after about 3 hours lol) I managed to beat Kimi. I even put in a respectable lap of 1:53.732 and finished 2.7 seconds ahead of him.

    I can appriciate it won't be a feature people will go back to again and again, but it's a nice new feature for a quick blast (or not so quick in my attempt!).

    Roll on the Lewis challange!
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  2. They really did do a good job of adding modes that I actually will play. I've played more Season Challenge mode in 2 days than I've ever played in Grand Prix mode, spanning back to 2010.
  3. They're a good concept, but they made them far too easy. I beat them on hard on the first try. Until I got to Fernando. I won the race, but Alonso finished 3rd to Rosberg so I failed. Have to say codemasters you really screwed that up, I don't see how I'm at fault because the AI isn't good enough. Also, the one with Lewis needs to be upped in difficulty badly. I was pulling out 7 seconds a lap on him. I thought maybe I accidently selected easy, but nope, Lewis is just that slow. But yea, nice concept but there's a few problems, specifically the Alonso one. They should have programmed it so Fernando will finish no worse than 2nd...
  4. I done the Lewis one first try, that was easy. Fair play for beating it first go on hard. I found Kimis hard with no assists, and I beat the previous two versions career mode on expert easily enough. I have had a go on Jensons and I cant even stay on the track!
  5. My first ever race/try at F1 2012 was that Kimi Challenge. I did it from the 1st time with a 1.53.

    Lewis challenge is incredibly easy. As my second race on Hard / no assists I could finish 35 seconds ahead of him /facepalm. :D
  6. If you're finding beating Jenson too hard just try to stay with the pack until the last lap and a half. They are all on inters and they start losing A LOT of time at this point. I was 6th at the start of 51st lap and I at the end of the 52nd I was 25s+ in front of Jenson.
  7. The Alonso one was really hard because he would always get passed with DRS on the last lap and he needs to be 2nd for you to beat it.

    The only way I beat it was by chancing my luck- I was coming around parabolica on the last lap (already used my flashback in case this didn't work) and brake checked Hamilton so Alonso swerved around him. It was 1-2-3 within about 1 or 2 tenths at the end. I wish I recorded the replay :) It would have gotten me a penalty in real life I think but I have no regrets haha
  8. Even being 8 seconds down on 8th at the end of lap one it was easy to win.....after i learnt to keep the car on the track!
  9. Yep, exactly. During L1 the track is not ready for wets and the field in front is running away with it using the inters. Then it comes back to you and it's fairly easy. Also, Senna at P10 is also using wets so it works like a buffer between you and the cars behind, despite being faster they can't catch you because Senna is holding them up
  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    That's the problem. The car setup is really, really bad in said scenario.
  11. I found all the scenarios pretty easy. (except the jenson button one, tryin to keep up with them on lap one is not advisable, or possible)
    Good addition to the game, I enjoyed playing it, but please put legend difficulty in :)