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Champ S6-R15 Japanese Grand Prix - 21/06/15

Discussion in 'X360 | F1 Championship' started by Karl Fuss, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    Champ Japanese Grand Prix - Sunday June 21st - 7:30pm
    Lobby open at 7:15, Race Start 7:30 UK (GMT+1)

    Sign ups 48 hours before race 7:30 Friday, Reserves will then be offered any free race seats.

    Please sign up as follows Name / Gamertag / Constructor

    Assists - None
    Distance 100%
    Weather - Dynamic

    Host - Chris Hempsall / TheHemps

    Back-up Host - TBD

    1 - Matthew Booth/Boothy116/RB
    2 - Karl Fuss / niblips2 / Mercedes
    3 - Peter Hooper / Hammerpgh / Lotus
    4 - Craig Renard/RDD Renard/RB10
    5 - Alex Hell | Black Violin | Force India
    6 - Miyamoto Musashi | ワン武装戦士 | Ferrari
    7 - Mitch Gosling | mitch4p4looz4 | C33
    8 - Eric Jaeger/Jaegermeister34/??
    9 - Jochen Mass/McLaren
    10 - C.K / freechi11y / lotus
    11 -
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2015
  2. Matthew Booth/Boothy116/RB

    This is gunna suck for pad users.
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  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    Karl Fuss / niblips2 / Mercedes
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  4. Peter Hooper / Hammerpgh / Lotus
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  5. Craig Renard

    Craig Renard
    " That Driver Was Orchestrated "

    Craig Renard/RDD Renard/RB10 Had my first win and pole last year, hoping to get the third win on a bounce
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  6. Alex Hell | Black Violin | Force India
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  7. Miyamoto Musashi | ワン武装戦士 | Ferrari
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  8. Mitch Gosling | mitch4p4looz4 | C33
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  9. Unlikely i can make this. Good luck to Miyamoto
  10. Eric Jaeger

    Eric Jaeger
    2012 GP2 Champion

    Can I get in on this race??:)
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  11. Well at the moment we've only got 7 sign-ups so not looking too good.
  12. Won´t make it guys, father´s here.
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  13. Pitty only 8 making this one Suzuka deserves a higher attendance .
    I also see a huge difference between QR ant TT, while i am able to consistently run mid 38s low 39s no way i can mirror this in QR ... Just mid to low 40s there ... Curious to see which behaviour online has :cautious: oh also would like to avoid a wet track, just started singing no rain, no rain despite my feel is that it will be some water on the track somehow.
    But are racing tonight?
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  14. Eric Jaeger

    Eric Jaeger
    2012 GP2 Champion

    I'll take Alex liking my post as a yes.
    Eric Jaeger/Jaegermeister34/??

    Oh and Alex, I'm doing my rain dance!:sneaky:
  15. We will have mixed condition then a little bit of sun and rain :rolleyes:
  16. Since only 8 no reason why can't race tbh, Probs be best if your replace Jarv in the Ferrari if he don't show.
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  17. Chris Hempsall

    Chris Hempsall

    Jochen Mass/McLaren

    Anyone else want to host?
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  18. Haven't had a chance to run here before this race, the back to back just doesn't give enough opportunity for me.. just a handful of TT laps earlier in the week and that's it so going in blind tonight and will get in my practice in the quali session. Hopefully there will be some more join that haven't signed up.. @Colin Knowles you in for this one tm?
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  19. Not sure there is anyone better Chris. Colin suggested Jarv but he's not making it tonight so not sure about anyone else's connections.
  20. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    you are a lot faster than me.... i will be super slow here (as always at Suzuka)