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CG -Material with alhpa

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by RaoulEmilian, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. I have a plane and the plane has assigned a alpha texture ( i mean black for transparency and white for opacity). In the .shd file i have:

    When i start the game, i can see that the texture image works good, but the uvw don't work, the texture is not assigned to the object as it should be. Thank you.
  2. Ok i was wrong because the textures were not sized multiplied by 2. :)

    Please can anyone tell me how i put dials at correct position in a car? What reference points shoud i use ? The dials appear but they are in the air, not at their place, i tried to modify the position but i cant find nothing logical, i can not understand how i setup the correct position. In 3ds max i work with milimeters scale for higher accuracy .please help!
  3. The dials ae placed at the x,y,z loaction on the dashboard mesh but just a little bit to the rear of the dash.
    The needles are placed using the views.ini file. Check a car to see how it is done as reference.
  4. Yes i know that views.ini file include the needles positions.I said that i put the needles in views.ini and i tried diffrent positions but never at the correct place, the needles are in air, not at correct place near the dash, so.. i can not find the correct position using 3ds max coordinates.
  5. It's all trial and error. X is left(+)right(-), Y is up(+)down(-), and Z is forward(+)backward(-).
    To avoid the trial-and-error approach, personally I import the model in ZModeler 1, hide every poly except the ones of the dials in the dash, and move the mouse in the 2D windows where the needles should be, in high zoom. You can see the coordinates in the status bar (lower right corner).
  6. To make something transparent, add
    In the shader's layer0 for basic transparency.
  7. Ok so this is my dashboard, the interior of the car contains only 4 easily modelled planes,each with an alhpa image( the dashboard,the mirror, the roof and the door. I like how it looks,even is 2D, not 3D.
    Now the problem is that the wheel doesn't work because it is part of the alhpa image and the needles also dont work but i can make them work if i put the correct position of the needles. :)

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  8. separate the wheel and put it in new texture, create a plane, throw the steering wheel texture on it and your done/