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CFH - changes car audio volume !!

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Pete Mull, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. I'm finding if I use CFH with some cars, the audio volume from the cars engine gets a lot louder and drowns out most of the pace notes - anyone else had this problem and found a cure ??

  2. I don't know about CFH, but I get something similar if I pause the game and then un-pause it. The volume increases significantly.

    I haven't found a cure for that one yet.
    The sound management in RBR seems to be a bit dodgy to me. :confused:
  3. Hi Warren, I may have got rid of the problem - I was just trying the other views (cockpit, centre and rear) and the changes in volume seem to have stopped :confused:

  4. Ive noticed in the past when the door comes off you can hear the car a whole lot more!
    Mind you i drive in cockpit view all the time, if your driving in bumper car or whatever it shouldnt make a difference, unless you rip off the front splitter or something :p