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Misc Centered TV - Cams 1.0

Altered T - Cams for all cars

  1. mungopark submitted a new resource:

    Centered TV - Cams (version 1.0) - Altered T - Cams for all cars

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  2. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    I like it!

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  3. i Like It To Much.... Thanks for sharing It... Nice work buddy :)
  4. Love the cam man but i have some other views in the previous file i like also i opened your file lol i could not tell what i was looking at haha is there a way to move your t cam to my old file

  5. It freezes when i go to the flashbaks but i like how it looks.
  6. It looks very good thanks :thumbsup:
  7. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace

    haven't tried it yet, but looks good ;)
  8. I want to try ! thanks !
  9. yes, i have the same problem. sorry.
    did not realize it before, because i do not play with flashbacks.
    i will try to do an update. but i deleted my original camera files:mad:!!! could anybody please send me the original ones to mungopark@gmx.at? i don't want to reinstall the game ;)
    i will try to do it again from scratch, maybe i find the reason for the freezes.
  10. you have to use binary xml - converter and just change the bonnet view.
  11. i have that but i have never edited anything like that before do you or can you copy and paste from one file to another there are so many that says bonnet how do i know which one? sorry for being difficult if not i will just have to live with it
  12. after creating a txt. - file with the converter open it with an editor and look for this:
    <View type="Mounted" ident="bonnet" reverseCamera="bonnet_reverse" hidden="false" spectator="false"

    if you need help with the binxlm-thing have a look here:
    it is for f1 2010 but it is the same with f1 2012.
  13. Beautiful setting! Thx... :thumbsup:
  14. ok thanks alot
  15. Hello me out of the game and not see me as the images
  16. hello,
    never had this issue. please reinstall the original files. than install one cam after another, each time checking if it works in the game. sorry, have no other solution.
  17. Sorry I still crashing when i use the flashback is the download link been updated with the latest file ???
  18. yes, update 1 and final version should work. i do not have any issues with flashbacks, but i use the standard ones. do you use any flashback mod?