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Center Spring ON or OFF?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Fahad Gaffoor, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. I just got started with the wheel. Becoming decent slowly..
    But I would like to know for all the gamers using wheel, do you use the center spring for wheel or not?
    I personally felt it was easier with center spring on (which is obvious) but with the center spring off, it felt like i had more control of the turns and also make my life way more difficult. So what do you suggest, or which is better.
  2. i have it on. Just like a real car the wheel goes back to the centre
  3. seems funny to me that this is an option. the only cars i know that dont have self centreing steering are remote control cars.
  4. Whats a center spring. Something to do with force feedback?
  5. I dunno why but I don't like it when it's on. Just doesn't feel right to me.
  6. this isn't me being sarcastic or taking the Mick, but can you drive a road car? seems strange how people would think of not using it, but I guess it's down to preference :D

    how would the force feedback work without self centring?
  7. The center spring is a simple feature to replicate self centering. Ideally the the self centering should come from the pneumatic trail (tire model) and mechanical trail (suspension). If the physics model is simplified then the centering spring can be used to replicate this. I don't use it as the feedback from the tires is filtered out when I use the spring.
  8. I'm only 16 and don't have my license yet, but I do race karts and have driven a few cars before. So yes, I can and have driven a road car. The self centring just seems to make it feel botched or fake, I don't know how to describe it but it just doesn't feel right.
  9. If you're referring to Windows Control Panel's "Game Controllers" setting for "centering spring", then I have mine turned on, but set to only 5%. "Spring Effect Strength" on the otherhand is set at 100%. "Damping Effect Strength" set to 0%.

    I can't begin to tell you how much faster these settings made me go! Car feels a bit light when in a straight line, but otherwise it's perfect imho. Oh, and turning off the in-game environment FFB made me much much much faster too. Instead of fighting the wheel itself, I'm just fighting the car. Lost some immersion though, but I find it much quicker.
  10. I have mine set to 100%, 0%, 0% and unticked in the profiler. In F1 2010 I have a modded FFB file and I have the environment effects at only 10% or something like that. In rFactor I've made my own controller.ini and it feels pretty damn perfect to me.
  11. I think i will it more try with both setting and see wat works for me..