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Celica VVTi / GT Nordschleife lap in HD 720p 9min08sec laptime

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ---SK---, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Celica VVTi - GT Nordschleife lap in HD 1080p 9min02sec laptime

    Hello my dear Simrace friends, i am sebastian from the netherlands

    I have done another visit to the nurburgring nordschleife The Ring ;)
    This is me driving the nurburgring nordschleife in real life :)

    <--- Celica VVTi 143hp 720P HD Movie
    I also did a hotlap in my friends Toyota IQ ! of 10min 37sec also pretty amaizing for such a little car with an 1.0 68 hp engine
    <--- Toyota iQ lap

    ***** New 9min02 Video
    New 9min02 lap
  2. You, sir, are extremely lucky.
  3. :plus1:
  4. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    :welcome: to RaceDepartment Forums SK .

    And that's a great driving. You should join our Racing Club quickly !
  5. THANKS:) 11 oktober i will go again if the weather is oke otherwise the 18th. but its nice to do it in reallife once in a while :)
  6. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Awesome quality video Sebastian :) Maybe we can do a little dutch real life meeting on the ring soon :D?
  7. Ive been there again this weekend and it was real cool a few other celica where there too UK and Dutch Celica Club members

    Here is the video of my new record of 9min02 Full HD onboard video --->