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CD lock on VF Holden

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Dav1n46, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys, I've tried my hand at converting a car from GRID autosport (VF Commodore) to rFactor, originally for personal use. But wanted to release the mod to the community. Does anyone know how to make the mod rar file look for the GRID autosport CD for install? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the rims look like shiny metal? Similar to the 12 spoke ORSM ones?

    Cheers :)

    I have just got to do the final tricky stuff (motec, driver etc) but then we are basically done. May need some help with some skins.

    Forgive me for the low resolution pic, it was taken with my phone. Credit to Lukilla for the skin :)

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  2. Sorry I can't help I would if I knew what I was doing ! Just wanted to mention that looks awesome mate, good job !
  3. And this is why modders give up. Why build something when you can just rip it from someone else's game.
  4. That's why I want the CD lock for people to have to own grid auto sport to be able to play the car in rfactor. Similar to the power and glory mod with the gt legends CD.

    If I can't get the CD lock to work, I will not be releasing the game and only use it for personal use.
  5. Et si les modders se bougeaient le cul peut être que les simples joueurs ne chercheraient pas de solutions pour assouvir leur passion !
    Car depuis la sortie de la version 2011.1, plus rien sur les radars ...
    Pas de nouveaux châssis etc ... alors qu'il y a du monde près à aider si besoin !
    Et lorsque l'on montre une alternative, c'est immédiatement qu'on se fait agresser ...

    Je trouve la conversion de Dav1n46 très bien faite, même si l'image n'est pas net.
    Et l'idée du CD lock est plus tôt bien.

    Je vous laisse le soin de traduire par vous même ;)
  6. Yep, I'm not gonna lie. I have no idea what you just said :)

    Edit: Thanks google translate
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  7. Right with you now. Misunderstanding on my part. For personal use there is not an issue, but for general release is when there becomes some issues. Generally the modding community flies under the radar of the commercial rights holders as no money is being made by modders (usually). But once a commercial licence gets violated, then the modding community gets crapped upon by the companies involved (search iracing v modders on google and you will see what I mean). In answer to your question, I am not sure if there is a cd lock that will suit your needs, as from my understanding GRID and rfactor do not share a common mod based architecture. But I could be wrong. As to JClaudes comment that nothing has been done since 2011, that is not strictly true, but any mods that may (or may not) be in the works, may end up delayed or never created if the modders out there feel that it is not worth the effort of creating something from scratch :)
  8. Skin example

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  9. so as the resident noob i see it as my duty to ask noob questions.

    Dav1n46 - are you saying that, in order to use the VF in rfactor I must own Grid Autosport?

    If, as it appears at the moment, that you will not be releasing this as a mod, will you part with the knowledge of how you extracted the car from GA for use in your own rfactor?
  10. That's what I would like. To give some sort of credit to codemasters. Even if their physics and gameplay aren't the best :)

    It may be harder than first thought. But I will come up with something.

    Converting from grid/dirt/f1 isn't that hard. A quick YouTube tutorial here

    3D Sim Editor Import and Save DiRT and Grid Models:
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  11. Better Screenshots :)

    I got the wheels to work.

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  12. Looks the goods mate.
    Hoping you can help, this is as far as I can get, after that I am lost lol

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  13. Nice job! While I do like the idea of using a CD lock for this, what about people who bought it on Steam?
    It would be cool if you could get those wheels onto the FG too. It would make the 13-14 FGs look heaps more accurate.
  14. Tomas, don't forget to extract the textures from the livery user folder. Once it's in 3dsimed, there are plenty of tutorial on the net on how to get the car into rfactor.
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  15. I have thought of that. My copy is the steam version as well. We will have to see what happens.

    I have put the rims on the orsm falcon, as well as the Volvo and Mercedes that I have. but for obvious reasons, I won't be showing them.
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  16. I've been trying to do just that mate, but keep getting error messages that the .pssg file is incomplete or corrupt. Figured out that its probably because I've added V8 skins over the top of the default ones, just doing a reinstall now to see if that fixes it.

    Found a tutorial on how to get the car into rfactor, looks a little complex but we'll see how it goes :)
  17. slowly but surely, getting there bit by bit

    better get some sleep, got a hot lap with Red Bull tomorrow! :)

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  18. Hey Dav1n46
    Have you managed to get this car on the track.... heard from lots of people that their rfactor crashes when trying to load the grid autosport cars on track, even if the spinner looks good.... interested in how you go? Or if you have managed to work out why.
  19. I haven't managed to get it onto the track yet. Just keeps crashing. Maybe being grid auto sport is contributing to that.

    As this is my first car, I'm still not 100% sure what I'm doing in that and what to look for if it does not load
  20. this looks to be beyond my capabilities, i spent a good deal of the day trying to make some kind of realistic progress, just kidding myself i think.

    all the tutorials that appear to have any similar content to this are either near impossible to follow or in another language, as far as i can see anyway :(