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Caterham @ Rouen Les Essarts Thurs. 13th November

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Gary Lennon, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    "The Spirit of 67" is a meeting to take us back in time a bit with a slight GPL flavour with this classic circuit and the wild big Cats!

    Servername: RaceDepartment 67
    Password: HERE

    Class: Caterham CSR 320
    Track: Rouen Les Essarts No Chicane Layout
    Weather: Dry

    Practice: 19:30
    Qualification: 20:30
    Warmup: 21:00 - 10 minutes
    Race: 2x10 laps
    Track Dowloads [No Grip] [RaceDepartment]

    1. Gary Lennon
    2. Neil Gault
    3. Matt Crouch
    4. Andrew Evans
    5. Michael Herrmann(ator)
    6. Benny Tusting
    7. Karl Westman
    8. Lee Downham
    9. Péter Bártfai [skin]
    10. Stuart Thomson
    11. Jan Wikström
    12. Bob Miley
    13. Simon Bacon
    14. Nigel Atkins [skin]
    15. Neil Tennant [skin]
    16. Marcel vd Aa
    17. Zoltán Kubassy
    18. David Lemon
    19. Laurance Lemon
    20. Kieran Mcgeachy
    21. Lee Holmes
    22. Manuel Garcia
    23. Mickael Miniac
    24. Razvan Pat
    25. Thierry Marchand
    26. Victor Shaw
    27. Mitja Bonca
    28. Chris Vick
    29. Simon Trendell
    30. Chris Noble

    GPL Caterham Skinpack

    Update: Server now holds 30 clients!
  2. stick me down for this one plz, not sure of the track but whatever it is it will be fun with these :dance:
  3. yes please :)
    better get some practice in for this one
  4. gosh... i'm so in, it hurts :)
  5. i am in ...i love this track but i hate these cats :(
  6. I'm in

    Gary also 13th of what? :)
  7. Put my name down on the list!

    It will be my first outing on this track and my first on-line race in the Caterham... I hope I'll get some practice time before the race...
    Kind regards,
  8. Dont be pedantic Benny or i'll whap you in CSR200 !!! :yo:
  9. I noticed you have changed your post:D
  10. Why you little!!........ Why i oughtta!!.......
  11. Chuck :chuck: me in the list pls Gary!

  12. I don't know this track but please sign me up.
    Times of sessions are GMT?
  13. Sign me up please!:)
  14. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    Yes please, Gary.

    You know also, if you want to take the whole spirit of 67 thing a tad further, that I released a GPL based set of Caterham skins?


    Clockwise from top right:

    Cooper, Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren, Brabham, Eagle, Honda, BRM


  15. Looking nice Stuart :D
  16. yup... every one of our events is posted in GMT :thumb:
  17. Ooh lala messuer Ambassador Stuart,wiz zees skins,you spoil us

  18. Hi
    I would very much like to participate to this race as my first RD event (don’t know what I’m signing up to, but no one remembers a coward …:laugh2:)
    But is seems like I don’t have permission to download the track… ? Is that because I’m a “trials member” or what ?
  19. the one on the rd server is still in the mod queue, awaiting authorisation, that's why you can't get it yet... grab it from the nogrip link instead - unless yer banned there :D
  20. I`d like to enter this please, never really raced the Caterham so should be an experience.
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